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Top 6 NEW MOBA Games For Android/iOS 2018

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New best moba games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere Brought you all some of the best recent newly released moba games in case you don't know moba means Multiplayer online battle arena hope you all find some good to play. Following are games name and links:- 1)Light X Shadow:- Android-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dianhun.xgame.lvs.global iOS- Pre-register:- http://www.goodmoba.com/en/m/index.html 2)Mobile Battleground Blitz:- Android-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobile.battleground iOS-Not available now 3)Ace of Arenas 2:- Android-https://www.taptap.com/app/26185 iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/%E8%87%AA%E7%94%B1%E4%B9%8B%E6%88%982/id1252557624?mt=8 4)BarbarQ:- Android-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbqstudio.bbqqoversea&hl=en iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/app/barbarq/id1254324286?mt=8 5)Paladian Strike:- Android-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.djwl.PLD3 iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/paladins-strike/id1280786094?ls=1&mt=8 6)Mech regimen:- Android-http://a.9game.cn/jijiajuntuan/ iOS-https://goo.gl/wpcsan Ingame Songs:- NIVIRO- Flares-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv7ZJecuu_o アンドロイド用の新しいmobaゲーム permainan moba baru untuk android 안드로이드 용 새로운 moba 게임
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Text Comments (421)
onchi_ plays909 (2 days ago)
Why there are no mobile legends?
FaNaTiC GaMeR X (5 days ago)
How u got this games download links??
Sabita Satpathy (6 days ago)
Which song is it means the audio which you used in this video
The Nightmare (12 days ago)
Ace of Arenas In turkish
Parth Dey (13 days ago)
Half of them are not available in my country.
Angela MLBB (16 days ago)
MLBB forever
FrostBite (24 days ago)
Barbarq isn't a moba
Nekromanta Z Mordoru (28 days ago)
[ GS ] (1 month ago)
Mech Regimen still active? before I knew it with the name League of Mech but was kinda of forgotten
Moba Gaming (1 month ago)
Mobile battle ground blitz isnt available on any platform since beta release so yeahh
freedom182 (1 month ago)
333 dislikes? why? this video is very good. its a top NEW moba games, not "BEST" moba games. idiots
erin septerina (1 month ago)
Paladian strix offlain yaa
Nico Olvia (1 month ago)
erin septerina online
Lyönner Gurmendi (1 month ago)
& Onmyouji Arena ...
Lyönner Gurmendi (1 month ago)
Mobile Battleground 🔜 ML
Defaulting xD (1 month ago)
Im here because mobile legends is so populated it lags and sometimes in the rank epic make unfair matchings your fighting higher ranks and some players just feed.
Art Nan 777 Apocalypse (1 month ago)
Please subscribe to my channel.
Ian Grave (1 month ago)
light x shadow is from 2017 not 2018
YaySaber (1 month ago)
none of theese games exist wtf
Abhoy Das (1 month ago)
only 2 games in Google play store
Dark OfWolf199 (2 months ago)
Elvis Aminadeni (2 months ago)
And offline?
Babsie Tabbie (2 months ago)
Babarq Name ko: Katelyn lll hahahaha omg
Jashawna Gibbons (2 months ago)
When they coommming
true love mmm (2 months ago)
Plagiat ml
Nico Olvia (1 month ago)
true love mmm ML yang plagiat LoL, + Paladins is original 👌
Garoto Dinâmico (2 months ago)
tarık toker (2 months ago)
Ace of arenas 2 released.. Ottoman glory.. If you cant find its: Osmanlının onuru..
Soham Chowdhury (2 months ago)
None of them compares with Vainglory... VG rocks
Kaizan Pagsisihan (2 months ago)
Bgm broke my eardrums
HADI RESTU FADILLAH (2 months ago)
Offline ga
Lolol Lololol (2 months ago)
Mobile legens the most popular and better MOBA MOBILE in the world, +5 millions fans in facebook, 2m in tube, top 50 best games sales and best games in app store and play store, + 100M downloads, and better and big community, not cancer like tardglorians. Cry me a river hahahahahahah
Mansu Allen (2 months ago)
Fajriansyah Januar (2 months ago)
Mansu Allen moba kok bacot
Poopy The Rabbit (2 months ago)
You can’t even play any of these games?
FanRose FabRose (2 months ago)
Arena of Valor is Better than Mobile LegendsArena of Valor is Better than Mobile LegendsArena of Valor is Better than Mobile LegendsArena of Valor is Better than Mobile LegendsArena of Valor is Better than Mobile LegendsArena of Valor is Better than Mobile Legends
Rus Mini (2 months ago)
Shatter017 (2 months ago)
can you tell which games has lesser peenoise? vainglory? warsong? thanks
Shoko (2 months ago)
Paladins Strike no Paladian strike
Deadpool Captain (2 months ago)
What that robot shooting game
Gerry Degala (2 months ago)
sama naman niyan
Joecita (2 months ago)
BarbaQ consider a Moba??
Muse Brush (2 months ago)
macam best mech regiment tu
R (2 months ago)
Mech regiment english version link
thuyết vị lai (3 months ago)
Tryhardninja 7 (3 months ago)
Huh warsong look better Oh shit the fucking cocksucker from vg fanboys are coming warning ⚠️ this a message for all moba lover the time of all moba appreciation is over now, dark shadow of vg fan are taking over to any surviving fan of all moba do not talk back for now a new hope will emerge, May the force be with you
Hanafee Ahmad (3 months ago)
4:14 oh look a ripoff if OW... Great
Muhamad Zul Adhani Akbar (3 months ago)
Gusti Surya (3 months ago)
how to download mech regiment ?, I've been looking in the app store is not there
Yanger Lkr (3 months ago)
Can't find any of d game n Google store!! Where can I find it?
Yanger Lkr (3 months ago)
White Diamond how can I find it n my butt?
White Diamond (3 months ago)
Yanger Lkr in your butt
Obi Dark (3 months ago)
Its more like worst top 6 moba. They may be new but look lame. Top 3 still are Heroes Evolved, Vainglory and Mobile legends.
Nico Olvia (1 month ago)
NO! Top 3 in my opinion is Vainglory, Arena of Valor, and then Heroes Evolved. Btw Paladins Strike is fine, not good, not bad.
Zoa is King (3 months ago)
Mobile Legend forever
Ari _Gaming076 (3 months ago)
Wow i can't believe.Moontok make a new Game but same developer and boring gameplay.And Moontok are you Copycats Alpha Vainglory to Angela Mobile Entot? Why? Are you plagiarism? Why you not buy seats or license Skin Iritel Train your Dragon?
Anand Surya (3 months ago)
So many ripoff here 😂
Nico Olvia (1 month ago)
Paladins is not a ripoff
Fhacktions (3 months ago)
I am a developer and part of the team of a game called *Fhacktions* and we need help to get the people know about the game before our company get closed. Please try Fhacktions! help us to grow up.
# Animations (3 months ago)
legendary heroes,naruto senki is offline you jackass
R.A.H Gamerz (3 months ago)
Gan, agan edit video pkek apa
Rammus King (3 months ago)
0:13 game?
# Animations (3 months ago)
which game is offline please let me know
JuizZy (3 months ago)
+wolverine c and is legendary heroes "online multiplayer"? tsk. Multiplayer•Online• •Battle•Arena.. idiot
# Animations (3 months ago)
+Ryuzaki Kikato legendary heroes,Naruto senki is offline games you moron
JuizZy (3 months ago)
wtf, do you even know what MOBA means? obviously all are online..😒😒
Hopeful Torch (3 months ago)
I Already Played Light X Shadow Before And Its Awesome
Hopeful Torch (3 months ago)
I Already Played Light X Shadow Before And Its Awesome
Claruzu (3 months ago)
Play? Play Cesar (3 months ago)
I like your videos thanks😉😁👋
Coffe day (3 months ago)
Hero arena is the best
Zayrel Aporro (3 months ago)
Porque o primeiro nao esta aberto para o Brasil?
Dr C1nda Quil (3 months ago)
Sorry bud Vainglory is the best mobile moba out their.😐
Forgot about WarSong
ELTRION _127 (3 months ago)
GG Abrams (3 months ago)
Какого хера этот уродская воровская херотень делает тут !??! Ска фара бл и скилы ее , нахер
horst peter (3 months ago)
Vainglory ♡♡♡♡
Bestbeast Gaming (3 months ago)
Mobile Legends the BEaST!!!
Shunaria (3 months ago)
Light Shadow is not new MOBA, it already release on 2017
Francis Vince Pialago (3 months ago)
vainglory the best graphics in moba game on Android rip ml
NewMedia Noob (4 months ago)
that mech regiment reminds me of SD Gundam online, i hope bandai make something like that soon with the gundam franchise :v
Ken Kaneki (4 months ago)
Aov forever
Ilham Nasuha (4 months ago)
What is music intro?
Alpha X (4 months ago)
Looks like Mobile Legends copyrighted moba games except mobile battle ground,barbarq and the last one (not saying its not good)
Mt t (4 months ago)
I installed the last one and try 1 night to login but i couldn't
andika putra (4 months ago)
Apa yang buat vidio ini ngaco banget, padahal babarq itu game jenis (IO) bukan (MOBA)
You'reBlind (4 months ago)
BarbarQ best?for kids sure...
Lolol Lololol (4 months ago)
Tardglory IS really boring and shit, lol.
Zedho Gaming (4 months ago)
Arena of Valor? Vainglory?
Robert Salvatierra (4 months ago)
how to log in League of Mecha? (the number 6 on the list) please i need your help guys help a nigga out y’all
xXSupahXFlyXx (4 months ago)
Arena of valor ftw
Nekromanta Z Mordoru (15 days ago)
xXSupahXFlyXx those are NEW MOBA games
Mobile Lag (4 months ago)
Oh great, 1000 new mobas on mobile devices . . . as if the market isnt saturated enough.
Dracko Gaming (4 months ago)
Hey how to change the language in game mech regimen
Iqbal Faturrahman (4 months ago)
I miss paladins a lot
FlipPlop (4 months ago)
Ace of arena 2 is good
jesuriah (4 months ago)
Fucking cancerous video style.
Pink Clawn (4 months ago)
Sorry but AOV is still better in all aspects than those games.. imho of course
Mohd Shaari (4 months ago)
whre vainglory?
aldidarma putra (4 months ago)
vainglory gk ada ya ? pdahal best moba 2k15 dlu
Isabelle - (4 months ago)
Why i cannot find mech regiment in google play?
Flick (4 months ago)
Vainglory all the way
Aziem 1023 (4 months ago)
All copy from Mobile legend
Nico Olvia (1 month ago)
Aziem 1023 Btw Paladins is original 👌
Nico Olvia (1 month ago)
Aziem 1023 Mobile legend is copying LoL. Pls never say that Something copying mobile legends, bcz its suck.
VAU (4 months ago)
new? some of them already in the store at 2017.....
putra hazara (4 months ago)
Mobile legendss ? ? Where ?
kukuclan smit (4 months ago)
Linda copia de mobile legends
Nawin S. (4 months ago)
I cant find mech regiment
Andyyy 666 (4 months ago)
And #Vainglory5vs5 Eee FRÜ BITCH GREAT TOP THE BULLSHIT 💩💩💩😅
Light x shadow looks really catchy and smooth unlike the other games, their movement and gameplay looks kinda rigid
Sophia Li (4 months ago)
hridoy saw (4 months ago)
Those game for which country?

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