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Halo 4 [PEGI 16] UK TV Ad Featuring New Live Action Master Chief Footage

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Watch the UK Halo 4 TV ad, as seen at half time in the England vs France EURO 2012 match. Features new and previously unseen live action footage of Master Chief.
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Text Comments (194)
RETSZTIRF (9 months ago)
Only SpecOps was worthy
Keila Fleischbein (3 years ago)
Goddammit, the UK places their dates in the logical sequence from small to large: day, month, year. Sixth of November 2012.
Mohnish (5 years ago)
Why couldn't 343 just keep Halo multiplayer almost the same with slight deviations from time to time. If it aint broke dont fix it.
Denonu (5 years ago)
They will bring her back just wait and see. There was way too many things left unanswered in Halo 3 regarding Cortana and even more so with Halsey in Spartan Ops and her dealings with the Librarian.
Joao Fernandes (5 years ago)
if theres one thing we can all agree is that cod is 1000 times better than halo at least in their live action advertisings
mellonhead36 (5 years ago)
freaking epic CANT WAIT!!!
Jake Nethery (5 years ago)
watch this muted with "Freedom Fighters"-Two Steps From Hell trust me, it's epic.
Lekker (5 years ago)
Reminds me of Event Horizon and Prometheus! The concept of a spaceship and its crew that meets up with a horrific terror in deep space is awesome! :)
MrCommandomonkey (5 years ago)
Yeah it kind of reminds me of the terminator. I don't care how fancy you are, there ain't nothing like the classics. And every time you think he's dead....nope XD
Willy Wonka (5 years ago)
Spartan II>Spartan III>Spartan IV
PsychaDuck (6 years ago)
no they didnt... THey had the company who made it built around the actors body.
The343freak (6 years ago)
ODST had a fun singleplayer.
JC SonTwon (6 years ago)
i know right cant wait 4 ... NOVEMBER 11th 2012. oh wait this is america yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Firehawk4000 (6 years ago)
Woah! It was so different then the U.S. version! (Hint: sarcasm.)
Edward Diaz (6 years ago)
halo reach was a good game, it started sucking when they change stuff, but it was a preatty good game.
Kamel. (6 years ago)
TheBradtad93 (6 years ago)
He was suspended in space for a LONG time. The ship he was on (Forward Unto Dawn) Was Lord Hoods flagship, so it most likely had some type of upgrade station for Chief, most likely like the room you go in in Halo 2.
Mandalorian92 (6 years ago)
My friend said the same thing. Its head cannon and shouldn't be considered cannon.
madsman351 (6 years ago)
lol it only has 03 seconds of footage of master chief
MissingSpartan (6 years ago)
When did his suit become Nano-tech? Because it wasn't Nano-tech to start with.
SB 90s (6 years ago)
So that means we can't discuss and appreciate the work put into it? =/
Jack Haydon (6 years ago)
Dun't mean to but a downer on anything... but its just a game trailer dude >:D
Ben Brooks (6 years ago)
xD glad to help
Alex Pegg (6 years ago)
This is a shortened version of the original, which has campaign gameplay
Jenga (6 years ago)
If you knew anything about Halo lore you would know these things. 1. His suit changed because it's Nano-tech, over time it can repair itself. But most of the changes are just the new artists at 343i. 2. It's not a Jetpack, it's a zero-G thruster used to maneuver in space. All Spartans have them. 3. There is no part of the lore explaining the absence of the AR form Halo 2, We can only guess the Chief didn't come across any.
Jenga (6 years ago)
Well there is a nice live action series coming out before the launch of Halo 4 called 'Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn'. Six episode, each one about 15 minuets long, combine them together and it equals 90 Minuets. So technically, there is going to be a Halo movie. But I do agree, a Halo move, a proper movie, should be made.
RiceBowl142 (6 years ago)
Lol funny how you still think its a jetpack... Its a low gravity thruster. To move around in space. And its called thrusters in the actualy game. You need to keep up.
H2AK0N (6 years ago)
I mean a real Sci fi movie which can be over 2 hours long. Instead of making a great game, they could make an awesome movie that could beat avatar.
TheSithSpartan (6 years ago)
During the four years that he was asleep Cortana used nano-bots (tiny repair bots) to repair and upgrade his armor.
H2AK0N (6 years ago)
They shouldn't make halo 4, they should make a halo movie
xRPTRxLANDx (6 years ago)
whoa live action Halo 4 Chief .... took me two times watching this video to realize that.
Spiderman (6 years ago)
i just wanna know how and why the hell the suit changes when he was asleep and how he got a stupid jetpack...???? Theres always a little plot hole in the technology in every halo like how the assault rifle disappeared in halo 2 and came back in halo 3
PurposeGamingHD (6 years ago)
Honestly The graphics in this game are so good i cant tell the difference between the in game chief or the live action chief
devon batts (6 years ago)
Um y does chief look so rong
MegaGamerfreak11 (6 years ago)
Why does it say 6/11/2012 ???????
King Bob-omb (6 years ago)
Nope in the UK we have the day and month the opposite way around.
The Storm (6 years ago)
its November 6th...
munchkiin2001 (6 years ago)
Lol 6/11/12 date fail
Cornelio (6 years ago)
@Panczekolada No -_-' dude watch the Dam gameplay trailer is :P
scott wiley (6 years ago)
There is a fan made film called Halo: The Fallen. Its being made now. Look it up. It looks awesome
Dand Duarnt (6 years ago)
Me Gusta i like it
NASTAR01 (6 years ago)
Completely agree. I keep repeating that section over. The choir, along with the thumping - which sounds like a heartbeat - is chilling.
Ben Brooks (6 years ago)
its a UK trailer so the date is the right way round
Panczekolada (6 years ago)
To avoid your retarded arguments.. what ancient evil was mentioned? Flood's back?
Panczekolada (6 years ago)
Gram.pl lol
JDuffy1193 (6 years ago)
unfortunately not :( a sad day for all
JDuffy1193 (6 years ago)
No I'm not. I know what live action means but I'm just trying to point out that not everything in a live action trailer is real. No need to be a dick about it. like I said in my original comment... I could be wrong.
SB 90s (6 years ago)
The end part of this soundtrack, where it shows MC and The Infinity coming through the clouds, gives me chills! The high pitched choir is like something from a horror movie, yet at the same time imposes mystery! Love it!
SB 90s (6 years ago)
Yeah sorry that's what I meant.
TheRevTastic (6 years ago)
You're really stupid aren't you? Live action means real actors, doesn't matter if there is CG or not.
Edgar (6 years ago)
O_O so Master Chief isn't real!? lol.
JDuffy1193 (6 years ago)
right....just because it says live action doesn't mean its a real person...the trailer is live action so does that mean that UNSC ship is real as well? or the planet they're on? no.
NASTAR01 (6 years ago)
With all that cryo sleep he's not really aged. Technically, he's in his 40s, but in actuality he can move around like a 20 year old.
xenoboy789 (6 years ago)
Ti Eriksson (6 years ago)
he's getting old
Denonu (6 years ago)
Cortana isn't going to die man. She is a main stay in the series. Just like Chief. They would have to kill them both and Microsoft isn't going to let that happen.
masterchief6121 (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if u think master chief can kick the Spartan IVs ass
Sparstespark (6 years ago)
I can't wait to see how chief will be in halo 5 and 6 without cortana......
TheRevTastic (6 years ago)
Read the title of the video...
JDuffy1193 (6 years ago)
i thought the part with the chief in it was actual game footage nit live action? i could be wrong
vertigo042 (6 years ago)
the actor actually made that costume. The man they commissioned to create the suit is who they had wear it.
Goodd Vibration (6 years ago)
brad pitt will never be worthy...
Drew (6 years ago)
Looks like im not the only one dissatisfied with the LOST ending lol
MassTributes (6 years ago)
Best part of the match if you ask me....
RandomAnonymousBeing (6 years ago)
SB 90s (6 years ago)
Halo 1 for Xbox never had online play, but yes the PC version had online from the start. One of the things that made Halo 2 so big is that it was the start of online first person shooters for consoles.
dustin barrett (6 years ago)
Uma Thurman as Cortana, Samuel as Sgt. Johnson, Christopher Waltz as Captain Keyes Brad Pitt as Master Chief. lol. That'd be insane.
Paul Grillo (6 years ago)
Ridley Scott! Come'on Humans vs Aliens. Right up his ally. Duh :)
Paul Grillo (6 years ago)
Halo 1 dint not have online gaming, as it was real released before Xbox live. Was not made ever available for online gaming until 343 released the anniversary version. The PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved might of had it.
tehtru7h (6 years ago)
did you see what Spielberg did to Indiana Jones? that guy is done as far as I care.
May Kadoodie (6 years ago)
regular it is, but if you buy the limited edition, you get 15 minutes of extra footage
AJ (6 years ago)
Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson needs to make an Halo movie
ほたる (6 years ago)
Is real cool I'd like to try this game I might be wrong because Japanese translation
MOTOZIMAREN (6 years ago)
Amazing! Cool! I want this game!(:D)┼─┤
SpazzBrozz (6 years ago)
oh yeah i forgot the numbers are switched in Europe.
RandomAnonymousBeing (6 years ago)
ya, but halo 1 still had online before halo 2 did.
RandomAnonymousBeing (6 years ago)
No, Halo 1 had full online, at least the pc and mac version did.
Bigjonmetal (6 years ago)
Plus it likely will not suck, like the Halo movie very well might.
RandomAnonymousBeing (6 years ago)
Actually Halo 1 was the beggining of online, why has everyone forgoten about Halo 1 multiplayer?. And what about campaign? Halo 3 had a great campaign!
Paul Grillo (6 years ago)
H3 was great in the beginning for online, but then it turned into you played the same 4 maps with a different layout every time. Got really boring quick. Plus lets just face it, Turf & Blood Cultch are the two best maps ever made. In H3 The laser is retarded, should of stayed with guided rockets, a limit on sword usage takes away its importance of trying to control it, could go on. I liked the leveling system better in Halo 2 over the later ones, made for a more consistent match up.
Qwertworks (6 years ago)
ouh ... is there a gamestop store at your place? Cause I think you can preorder it via gamestop, too ...
ZygfrydQ (6 years ago)
I'm from Poland :/ Amazon doesn't have their "place" here... If I want to order it via amazon, I'd have to pay double for shipping... oh well, I just need to wait 'til it's avaible somewhere in here...
RandomAnonymousBeing (6 years ago)
what about Halo 3?
Qwertworks (6 years ago)
ehrm ... Amazon for example?
Paul Grillo (6 years ago)
Halo ODST and Reach sucked the most! Halo 2 all The way!
ZygfrydQ (6 years ago)
"pre-order today" - just tell me where!
RandomAnonymousBeing (6 years ago)
wich halo games do you consider good, and wich do you consider shitty?
TravTravIstyTV (6 years ago)
Yesterday when I saw this trailer I said to myself "Man, I really wish Ridley Scott or J.J. Abrams would be put in charge of the Halo movie." Then I had a scary thought cross my mind. What if Micheal Bay was put in charge? Oh god I just cringe thinking about it. <:(
Lee Harrison (6 years ago)
Please no, not after the train wreck that was Prometheus. His films are slowly getting worse.
Lee Harrison (6 years ago)
Sorry my bad, I used "to do" as a bit of a loose term there.
Vegan Beast 666 (6 years ago)
No, Spielberg better.
[SFW]Mark L. (6 years ago)
Ridley Scott y u no Halo? :(
NASTAR01 (6 years ago)
One day we'll have a full-blown movie, my friend. One day. For now, this is a brilliant substitute.
Conor Davies (6 years ago)
Not really a black hole.
lberr2 (6 years ago)
Yeah it sucks. Silly Americans.
MrLegendaryXD (6 years ago)
Next gen Halo right there.
Vegan Beast 666 (6 years ago)
Spielberg y u no Halo? :(
Sean Mortensen (6 years ago)
@Heyat122 I agree completely. If they can make this look so realistic and well done, than they have the ability to make a Halo film.
Silvy Wilvy (6 years ago)
Uhmm, no? 6 November 2012.
Nate McLaughlin (6 years ago)
That is a real MC costume. A prop builder was contracted by 343 to make the suit, and that's actually him wearing it! So no, the title is NOT misleading.

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