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Davide Soliani, Creative Director/Developer at Ubisoft cried as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was introduced by Shigeru Miyamoto at Ubisoft's E3 2017 Press Conference. Easily the most heart-felt moment of E3 2017. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle comes to Nintendo Switch 8/16/17. FULL INTERVIEW: https://cdtl.ink/2smZa7i Donate: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/crazydopetastic Subscribe to CrazyDopetastic: http://j.mp/crazydopetastic SWITCH: 4606-0713-6899 PSN/XBL: freetheunknown BACKGROUND MUSIC BY: Spinelli Salem http://j.mp/1NKM5Y0 THEME MUSIC BY: Hav, Inc. MORE CRAZYDOPETASTIC HERE: http://www.instagram.com/crazydopetastic http://www.facebook.com/crazydopetastic http://www.twitter.com/crazydopetastic THE GEAR I USE: CAMERA: https://dopeass.link/2v8PADy MICROPHONE: https://dopeass.link/2fhO6mj RECORDER: https://dopeass.link/2vroYQC MEMORY CARD: https://dopeass.link/2ucVtlY HARD DRIVE: https://dopeass.link/2v8EM8o LIGHTING: https://dopeass.link/2vBU7Bf GAME CAPTURE: https://dopeass.link/2hwtYOa CAPTURE SOFTWARE: https://dopeass.link/2vzIWbK ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture! #nerdculture
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Text Comments (100)
Diego (3 months ago)
what a beta
vide0gameCaster (3 months ago)
Give this man a hug!
Kyudo Kun (3 months ago)
This is one of those rare moments when you see the developer's true passion for gaming.
Christian Callegari (4 months ago)
Gioco stupendo grazie mille!!! In attesa del DLC di donkey.... non vedo l'ora
Jeffzzzz (7 months ago)
It was awesome! The tears of joy that THE Shigeru Miyamoto likes your game and praises it must feel amazing
secretagentman (8 months ago)
CrazyDope sounds like he's about to cry.
Carlos (8 months ago)
charvelgtrs (9 months ago)
He's crying because Miyamoto is probably his idol.
Omegashin (3 months ago)
he is
mas8705 (9 months ago)
Truly one of the greatest moments out of E3 we got this year. Even now as the year comes to a close, I look back here and think of the heart he put into this game to not only bring enjoyment to us but also for it to be so spectacular that even Miyamoto himself gave you praise. All I can say is that if Zelda and Mario weren't released this year, there would have been a very good chance that Kingdom Battle could have been seen as the best Switch game we got this year.
Richard Benjamin (10 months ago)
fuck that made me cry
Diego Alfredo (10 months ago)
I came to see adam koralik in the backgroung but i id not see him
MalarkeyMan (10 months ago)
daitan55 (11 months ago)
Great Great moment...and game!
Milo Puppypaws (11 months ago)
Passionate guy but i cant stop worshipping grant kirkhope two seats down. <3
Miles Tang (11 months ago)
Game is a blast! The passion shines through.
Mick (1 year ago)
I get choked up watching this. Miyamoto and Nintendo really have a magical quality.
Slowpoke85 (1 year ago)
I'm so proud for Davide! And I'm VERY glad he made fun game! This is what I love about the gaming industry: The passion it brings out in people!
248933499 (1 year ago)
Just bought the game, it's actually pretty good. good work
MunMun MurMur (1 year ago)
Thought the game was going to be shit because it had rabbids but the dedication shown by this developer convinced me to give it a shot.  The work he put in it shows, despite using one of the most hated gaming characters in the industry right now (rabbids) he created a genuinely good and funny game much higher in quality than any rabbids game before, that takes a large amount of talent.  Nintendo truly is lucky to have developers as dedicated as him and I'm excited to see what he will be able to create next.
Omar Jadine (1 year ago)
Sono l unico italiano qui???
Tom O'Brien (1 year ago)
So cute I wanna stroke him
Snipper Joey (1 year ago)
*i'm not crying you are...*
Pacalakin (1 year ago)
I originally thought that it was purely pride that had him like this, and I thought it was nice, but now that I think about it during the leak everyone trashed the concept and said it'd be terrible. The crowd reaction and Miyamoto himself saying it was something to be proud of, that had to be an intense feeling of relief that'd be hard to describe. If three years of my life had been put into this work of love, then I was told it was garbage, and then the people saying it was garbage was proven wrong by experiencing the project, I'd most certainly cry too.
fheisk (1 year ago)
coming back to say the game is good :)
Dobadobadooo (1 year ago)
I honestly have no interest in the game, but seeing how passionate this dude looks almost makes me want to pick it up just to support creators like him.
Just Andre (7 months ago)
As someone who held off on picking up _Mario + Rabbids_ until just a month ago, I wholeheartily recommend you give it a shot. By the time I reached the endpoint of my playthrough more than forty hours after it had started (bearing in mind that I went out of my way that whole time to experience all the side content; one of the game's biggest merits is that it rewards you for putting in as much or as little time into it as you feel compelled to), the game had blown past almost every expectation I'd had for it when I went in (and having heard almost nothing but praise for the game in the months since its release, those expectations were actually set pretty high).
Dobadobadooo (1 year ago)
Not yet, I'll consider it once I've actually gotten myself a Switch, but that's not gonna happen until the new No More Heroes game comes out.
wero estavez (1 year ago)
Dobadobadooo did you actually get it?
Istr (1 year ago)
You almost sounded a little teared-up yourself :) It really shows how emotional our culture, console gaming, is and what a great thing that is.
Jackson Bowns (1 year ago)
First, they just changed the mobile comment section back? And second and more importantly, that right there is a beautiful thing.
Rogerio Andrade (1 year ago)
That was sweet.... he was really emotional.
System509 (1 year ago)
Daaaawww :)
ИГРОЛОГИЯ (1 year ago)
Great moment of e3. I think this guy feels like this is the pinnacle of his career, but I hope that he has a long road ahead.
elevate111 (1 year ago)
Out of all the games I saw @ E3 2017, this one is the most interesting to me! Definitely getting a Switch for this and Odyssey!
elevate111 (1 year ago)
Toaster Strudel (1 year ago)
People might think this game is silly...but seeing this man get emotional, getting praises from his role model....That's something else. I hope this game sells well...I'm not interested in it, but it honestly doesn't look half bad AT ALL...Pretty creative. Nice graphic, XCOM-like mechanics....Shit, when I see reviews of this game, I might consider even trying it out.
Daariath (1 year ago)
AWW :) congratulazioni Davide!
James Gatsby (1 year ago)
when you realized that you really made it
dandeentremont (1 year ago)
Did he cried?
Cynical Possum (1 year ago)
Can't fuck this shit up now.
TheGoldminor (1 year ago)
he is my goal, from enjoying to play his idol's game to see his idol announcing his game.
kirmeswelt (1 year ago)
dont know that Ubisoft used the CryEngine :D
pisse3000 (1 year ago)
Nice one
True Roman (1 year ago)
It would be an honor to work with Miyamoto, I can understand why he's so emotional.
Vaktrus (1 year ago)
You know a man who has this much passion for a game will make a GREAT game. While i don't like rabbids that much, i might check the game out.
Michael Brune (1 year ago)
I can only aspire to have that moment.
YouTube Cop (1 year ago)
I got an ad of this game thanks youtube
Fuckyourselfgoogle (1 year ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwww :3
MileyCyrusPartyUSA (1 year ago)
Senpai noticed me! And he praised my work!
DeadlyMargiKarp223 (1 year ago)
It must mean a lot to him to have his work praised by Shigeru Miyamoto. The game industry wouldn't exist if it wasn't for people like Miyamaoto.
TacoSteven (1 year ago)
tfw senpai notices
I think Nintendo really cut through the forced crap that other companies try in their presentations to just get right to what it means to game: having fun. This was such an amazing moment at E3 and I love the passion and humility you can see in this guy. Plus, XCom meets Mario? Yes please!!!
Kouya Sakurada (8 months ago)
If it's not fun, why bother?
NeroPrototype1 (1 year ago)
Imagine admiring Miyamoto as a Child and then Imagine 20+ years into the future when you present him your game, then he compliments you. I would fucking cry too.
Its_Elkku (1 year ago)
NeroPrototype1 Yeah. I am a kid that admires Miyamoto and meeting him would probably make me cry too.
Its_Elkku (1 year ago)
Yeah. As a Nintendo fan and a game dev wannabe, I would totally cry if I would meet and get complimented by Miyamoto himself.
DR. BLUE (1 year ago)
NeroPrototype1 like being baptized by the game God him self
I got the add for the game while watching this video lmao
Willbrog Will (1 year ago)
Before I heard about this i thought the game was pretty ridiculous tbh but seeing this makes me want to buy the game just because it obviously means so much to him, It must be good right?
pisse3000 (1 year ago)
Willbrog Will If it has Mr. Miyamoto's seal of approval then I can't see how it could be bad
Victor Cuen (1 year ago)
that intro and slide changes a e s t h e t i c
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
Victor Cuen (1 year ago)
Got a Mario and rabbids ad during this, how poetic
zLwy (1 year ago)
im happy for this guy man
Soulrak87 (1 year ago)
Is that Grant Kirkhope that pushed his arm up to stand up?
Just Andre (7 months ago)
Yep! Look up the video "Grant Kirkhope Finds Out He's Writing Music For Mario" sometime; Grant mentions in an interview that it was him who reached from offscreen to nudge Davide Soliani into standing up for the applause he was receiving. Just when you thought it wasn't possible for that clip to get any more heartwarming...
arkayneshad0w (1 year ago)
With the leaks, I wasn't looking forward to it but this was the moment I knew I had to pick this game up. Super excited, day one buy for me.
Zachary Bush (1 year ago)
I got a trailer for the game before the trailer of the game
lawnzo (1 year ago)
I'd cry too if Miyamoto praised me.
Avion (1 year ago)
You actually pronounced "Davide Soliani" very well. I was surprised.
Steven Mashburn (1 year ago)
Dude! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
IZU (1 year ago)
Toaster Strudel (1 year ago)
#Fangoals* Fanboy is a bad term now-a-days.
Kyosuke Machii (1 year ago)
rabbids > assassins creed
GigaAkais (1 year ago)
That was great. I feel like Nintendo should put Mr. Miyamoto on a stage more often.
TacticalPower88 (1 year ago)
GigaAkais You Joking right? Hes like the real life face of Nintendo lol
VoluXian (1 year ago)
Amazing moment. Creating a game for the company you've adored most of your life is truly an honor, I'm certain.
Captain Joey (9 months ago)
More than that, his project was rideculed when the concept was leaked. That must have been hard. Imagine how he felt when he got that applause when the game was announced.
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
+VoluXian most def
Karleetoh! (1 year ago)
i may be annoyed by those Rabbid things, but this is too damn touching.
hicthcock100 (1 year ago)
Dude, at least this moment of this E3 will stay forever, let's see tomorrow if Nintendo give us more of it.
Marven Celion (1 year ago)
Son i felt for this moment hardcore they've been working on this game for 3+ years and to see your work realized on stage and with everyone supporting it. That must of been the most heartwarming tear forming moment. Fantastic video as always man 👌
PillowyMounds (1 year ago)
He's been working for ubisoft just adding shitty dance and rabbid games. He finally got a real game company to work wit, everyone would cry after the hell of Ubisoft.
Toxodos (1 year ago)
it's "dito", dido is a singer ;)
Angel Coolin (1 year ago)
LockeXI nothing more to say .. Dido
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
INDEED! Especially as a lifelong fan & your literal role model is on stage giving you praise.. so dope.
NintenDude (1 year ago)
Rizorx (1 year ago)
great moment, the hard work given to create this game makes me want to give it a chance even though it doesn't look like my preferred style of game.
Ziryuri (1 year ago)
Can I die? Also #Joyconboiz
Victor Cuen (1 year ago)
Zir Yuri you can help yourself ;)
Zore Lee Sevten (1 year ago)
You don't have enough subs for such a quality channel my boy. Keep it up. :)
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
Thanks Zorli
Nate Clink (1 year ago)
I like this channel.
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
Thanks bro!
Thundervolt (1 year ago)
Thundervolt (1 year ago)
Liquid HaremKing lmao ayy!!!
Josue Villca (1 year ago)
Thundervolt I see u everywhere bro 😩
Kurbii (1 year ago)
Thundervolt UwU
Toastors (1 year ago)
I'm first my dudes
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)

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