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SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY - 20 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4 2018)

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SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY New Gameplay Demo (PS4 2018) • Release Date: September 2018 • Platform: PS4, Xbox One ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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krystyna strobel (1 month ago)
i absolutely love love love spyro!!! i had every game on playstaytion and on gameboy advance when i was a kid. i even downloaded the older versions on my playstation 3 but the graphics were so bad. i guess were a lot more spoiled now with graphics lol looking forward to playing this ive been wishing for something like this for years and finally its happened!! thank you to everybody who made this happen i know it must of been a lot of work!!! so thank you!!
Fae FierceVulpine (2 months ago)
The thing that’s weird to me about Reignited is the NPC’s don’t make eye contact, they talk to you but stare off in other directions?
super Saiyan (3 months ago)
Cool, ps1 games back to life ! That was some nostalgic, back in the days when I played spyro.
Dean Clark (4 months ago)
Hey Play4Games, what's the best way to get in contact with you for collaboration?
Chase Koll (4 months ago)
How can you walk right passed gems lile that?!
Brad Sega (4 months ago)
Where is the Nintendo Switch version?
Machinery Five (4 months ago)
Warning: This might trigger some people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6tj-vUNZU0
RogueGhost OracleGamer (4 months ago)
Can we go without the commentary. Would love to hear the actual game SFX and music.
Sam Cook (4 months ago)
I’m playing the original games this week in preparation.
Mara Monetucci (4 months ago)
Il nuovo look della fatina non mi piace per niente
merdinha boss (4 months ago)
British ranger (4 months ago)
B Rad (4 months ago)
They won’t show anything else from summer forest in my opinion. I just hope they leave autumn plains & all the realms a “secret” until the game drops. The second best home world in the trilogy behind mid day gardens
Maurizio Manna (4 months ago)
because not released on pc? :(
Maurizio Manna (4 months ago)
jane1975 great thanks
jane1975 (4 months ago)
@Maurizio Manna: Only PS4 and XBOX 1 for now, other formats will probably come up later.
Andyfishy2005 (4 months ago)
I really wish they would upload videos without the commentary
AllyOnAir (3 months ago)
Just mute the video and there you have it
I Am No One (4 months ago)
Andyfishy2005 IKR The feeling's mutual.
ErleAshley (4 months ago)
deedakiller (4 months ago)
That metal shark boss in Spyro 3.....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Billy boy (4 months ago)
I’m eating Salted biscuits
Calm Overboard (4 months ago)
Can’t wait, they don’t make em like this anymore 😢
MrSkippyable (4 months ago)
Loved Spyro as a kid, looking forward to revisiting him in the remake ^_^
kurisu7885 (4 months ago)
I wonder if Patrick Warburton does any of the voices.
\m/ JCM \m/ (4 months ago)
This games is exclusive for Ps4 or comes to Pc like Crash Bandicoot anybody can tell me please ?
\m/ JCM \m/ (4 months ago)
Ah ok thank you very much !!! 😢
B Rad (4 months ago)
Xbox 1 and ps4 .nothing else as of now
Twisted monk (4 months ago)
\m/ JCM \m/ I think it's xbox and ps4
\m/ JCM \m/ (4 months ago)
Twisted monk multiplatform really so come to Pc yes or not ,I don't understand you bro ??
Twisted monk (4 months ago)
\m/ JCM \m/ it's multiplatform
Dre4days Gaming (4 months ago)
this is gonna blow crash out the way spyro has always been the best, an I notice some game devs suck at playing their own game
jane1975 (3 months ago)
@Tell'emSteveDave: There is collecting in the Crash Bandicoot games too ( wumpa fruit/gems/time crystals) and Spyro has its platformer elements too, both games will have their appeal to players. TBH, most games involve some kind of "collect-a-thon" elements today-even the Assassin Creed series has that.
Tell'emSteveDave (3 months ago)
jane1975 Crash holds up much better than Spyro. I think people will fully realize this once the game is out. Spyro is a collect-a-thon for kids, Crash is timeless platforming.
jane1975 (4 months ago)
@Cody Orvik: Sorry but, they are both equally awesome games of the turn of the century era. @Dre4days Gaming: I have to totally agree on the gameplay sucking, this is not how I play this level.
Cody Orvik (4 months ago)
Crash is better than Spyro dude
David Woodham (4 months ago)
The detail is really good
DesiqneeR (4 months ago)
is that fortnite ? :D
Polaris 300 Express (4 months ago)
It's Fortnite 2: Despacito Edition
Straxel (4 months ago)
This shit game is nothing compared to spyro.
Chopped Suey (4 months ago)
Games look so gorgeous these days. Amazing how its all evolved into a pure art.
awesomejf03 (4 months ago)
I did played Spyro but not the original trigoly, but I'm definitely going to play it for the first time.
B Rad (2 months ago)
No in my opinion ! At all
apimpnameslickback (2 months ago)
B Rad the Ratchet & Clank trilogy is the best trilogy
B Rad (4 months ago)
Johnfred Javier the best trilogy of all time. It will take you to worlds & make you do challenges you’ll never believe
Derek Hershey (4 months ago)
This looks spectacular. I never played the original trilogy but I will be ALL over this.
B Rad (4 months ago)
You’re literally in for the time of your life. It’s also challenging for a “kids” game. It’s a fun grind that will take you to worlds and realms you wouldn’t believe .
Straxel (4 months ago)
It is worth it :D These games were amazing!
Archeage 3.0 (4 months ago)
Put em on Switch n I'll buy
SmexerP (4 months ago)
How to get children into paganism and idol worship
Twisted monk (4 months ago)
SmexerP I don't get it
GeekStar (4 months ago)
SPYRO 2! My favorite Spyro!
GASPER- DE- PONCE (4 months ago)

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