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Surprise Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC! - Breath of The Wild Update!!

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Nintendo has dropped some surprise DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to go along with a new update and today, we take a look at it. It is really cool to see Nintendo continue to support Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so long after release. It is a small update, but appreciated nonetheless. What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (313)
SwitchForce (30 days ago)
Hello! Gabe here. The minute of blank was an editing mistake and it has been fixed. YouTube is just taking a while to process it. Thank you for understanding! It might even be fixed by the time you are seeing this. Thank you for all the support! - Gabe
tunic (29 days ago)
this update converts the mario kart 8 deluxe to the mario kart 9
Treyvon Gray (30 days ago)
SwitchForce friend me!
OUR WORLD TV (30 days ago)
This looks like great DLC wish I could get it. Please do a video about the price of the Nintendo Switch and when are they going to lower the price its over $540 where I am thus why I don't have one...Thanks for another great video from you guys
SuperSwitchBoy (30 days ago)
We love you gabe!
Gavintino (30 days ago)
SwitchForce thanks
Scully Andrea (4 days ago)
Is your nose real?
It'd be awesome if R.O.B. returned, but I doubt Nintendo would listen.
Emilio Perez (24 days ago)
We need Mario Odysses race course and characters.
They couldn't even give him the Botw voice
SuperMarioultra 18 (26 days ago)
Next DLC should be different colors of toad
Ryan Morrow (27 days ago)
Maybe we might get another update out of nowhere, you never know
Chemicalrory (27 days ago)
Am I the only one who hopes one of these updates will include options for players to create their own cpu and item lists? All the Splatoon and Animal Crossing crossovers are a nice novelty but it annoys me that I'm just as likely to see them in a race as I am actual Mario characters.
LMG (27 days ago)
They HAVE to add Diddy Kong. It’s my favourite character since I was four years old, I know him from DKC and when I unlocked him in MKWii, I got so happy... so today, I would be very very happy to see my man coming back
Killing Sun (27 days ago)
I love your intro so much it hypes me up lol
Daishi (28 days ago)
Misread title at a glance. thought was more BoTW DLC... Realize Mario kart and was disappoint.
Ben Rowley (29 days ago)
You missed the shortcut in Wario’s gold mine
Tory Williams (29 days ago)
I was like oh snap a Zelda update then I saw Mario kart I was like nooooo😂
Tomato Fruit (29 days ago)
He looks a bit too un-mariokarty next to more cartoony people like mario. Also how do you know what place your in theres no number or map
Tomato Fruit (29 days ago)
Introducing Labo Man as playable. Got hit? Well your dead your a piece of cardboard what'd you expect. Lol
Wait do we have to pay for it or is it free or is it fake
Kid Bulblin (29 days ago)
Why’s it the preset now? 😢 I miss green link why does Nintendo hate the green outfit now
Kid Bulblin (16 days ago)
True Roman no one feels that way about mario tho
True Roman (16 days ago)
Kid Bulblin I mean he’s been green for 30 years I believe, nice to see them take a risk with the changes
n0zebl33d (29 days ago)
Im still waiting on the Koopa Bros😢
signerleo snyder (29 days ago)
not some thing I care to downlrod I want some big that get em to want paly mk8 oen new tofuti   vlacire wont do that we need new charaters and tracks not just outfit update
Caleb Kenney (29 days ago)
Is Gabe wearing groucho glasses?
MasterOfSwagger (29 days ago)
It definitely got some taking used to, because I don't use bikes, but I think it's a pretty good bike once I used it a bit
I love this new Update
A new cup would be great!
Lucas Reimer (29 days ago)
That’s sick link was my favorite racer anyways
Slade_09 90s (29 days ago)
online would be more fun if their was winner but it never ends
Christian Bornkamp (29 days ago)
Ever thought of making a gaming channel? Enjoyed watching this and would enjoy more!
Jeff Cockerill (29 days ago)
How about an update that removes that time consuming stage vote screen? Or new tracks?
Aidan Or (29 days ago)
4th is very good for stopping mid race.
Bobertmicderp (29 days ago)
Johno Daz (29 days ago)
Nice vid Gabe(SF). This is a nice little update adding Breath of the Wild Link in MK8D. 4th Edge Out.
Derek DeSmet (29 days ago)
This is the first of many. There are 2 more cups coming and we are also getting cappy as a playable charactor.
Weegee God (30 days ago)
The best part is that it is a free dlc
joe (30 days ago)
I hope the Wario Pinball Elle’s is real
Squidmunk squid (30 days ago)
looks like the july 22nd direct leak is fake
zombiepro115 YT (30 days ago)
You don’t have gold Mario
Kavon Jordan (30 days ago)
Got an ad for Smash Ultimate.
Nolan Daniels (30 days ago)
Is it like an update? Or paid DLC?
Gavin D (30 days ago)
The update is the free DLC.
Daniel Maia (30 days ago)
How do you already have megaman x?
Daniel Maia (30 days ago)
U pre purchased it
TendoFan (30 days ago)
Your.......your switch got stolen?!!?? How?!!!?
Joshua Tindel (30 days ago)
I wondered when this was going to happen.
kiaelinkx (30 days ago)
In dk jungle you can use the ramp shortcut in the jungle without a mushroom, you slow down for a fraction of a second but the advantage from the shortcut greatly makes up for it
Angry Madman (30 days ago)
Gabe you're awesome!
blank 0po (30 days ago)
I like how no one notices how big botw link is compared to everyone else LOL😅😅
Stephen Wall (30 days ago)
Lets have a Kart made of cardboard with cardboard wheels, and a cardboard glider. I call it the Nintendo Labo DLC!
Salvatore Cucullo (30 days ago)
Close to 70 hours in mk8d now. This definitely brought me back. I hope they bring DLC map packs. This game can still offer more. Maybe grow this instead of making mk9?
egggmann2000 (30 days ago)
I hate those damn blue shells, That’s why I stopped playing Mario kart
Luke Arts (30 days ago)
Very poor reason lol
SuperSwagGuy (30 days ago)
Say it with me everyone. It's an *UPDATE not DLC*
Cokriste (29 days ago)
SuperSwagGuy THANK YOU. Kills me when people dont understand the difference. Its not that hard :/
SuperSwagGuy (30 days ago)
Gavin D there is a specific section for DLC on the eShop. Sonic Forces, for example, has the free Shadow DLC. You download it separately from the base game. This is not DLC, because the update is not in a special DLC section. It is automatically downloaded and is a required update to continue playing MK8 Deluxe.
Gavin D (30 days ago)
How'd you get the update? You downloaded it. What did the update have? New content. It's DLC that isn't optional. The update IS the DLC.
Will Black (30 days ago)
DLC is anything that is downloadable and content, hence the name, downloadable content. Do you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 2017? Because Battlefront 2015 had PAID DLC. Battlefront 2 has FREE DLC.
Megaboy X (30 days ago)
oh yeah
Chet B (30 days ago)
I wish it was in the top right so he didn’t block the place #
Fonzy Lycanroc (30 days ago)
Also I don't currently have MK8DX, but I have been wanting it since it came out, and now with the Labo support and new cool DLC I totally want it.
Fonzy Lycanroc (30 days ago)
Hey Gabe, I think you did great at it, I played a demo at a Gamestop and your decently better then me. 😂
Björn Johansson (30 days ago)
As long as they did not patch it out you can almost skip the hit from the blue shell if you time it perfectly and as you said can shorten the time you loose speed!
UPDATE NOT UPDATE... misleading title... watch out
Dodo Bravo (30 days ago)
Apple Sause (30 days ago)
Link makes the same noises when he shield surfs
Apple Sause (30 days ago)
0:46 link looks like he’s jamming out to some good tunes
Apple Sause (30 days ago)
Gonna upload sonic mania plus video tomorrow
Apple Sause (30 days ago)
Squirting our a video 7 hours after announncement
Sean Smith (30 days ago)
Well this suks
Mega scorpio (30 days ago)
I like your video great work
Craig Morgan (30 days ago)
So no new courses, I’ll guess be waiting on MK9 lol
JohnQ0610 (30 days ago)
Blue fire and new sword
burned bread (30 days ago)
Just 1 new car?
Tombondy93 (30 days ago)
It’s a nice little surprise, I’ll go back on and give it a try would’ve liked to have seen the stats of everything but it’s not what I want, I WANT MORE MAPS☹️
Tariq Yasiin (30 days ago)
Why do you sound like you just got caught having fun on your parents bed?
OmenamehuQ (30 days ago)
Is this dlc free or do i have to buy it?
Hanaa Hanaa (30 days ago)
HEY... Where is GhostRobo?
Hanaa Hanaa (30 days ago)
Wasted a black minute of my life...
TheYoshiGamer (30 days ago)
They should add Ninten, Ness, and Lucas.
andrewsr574 (30 days ago)
The minute of silence was the best part of the video. Then I heard that slobbering lisp. Get some speech therapy brah.
Dr. Eggplant (30 days ago)
Ricardo V.Tarazona (30 days ago)
Nice but... Wheres my Mercedes Benz SLS GT3??
You[']r[e] wrong (22 days ago)
Backstreet Goy 2 Oh, never considered that.
Backstreet Goy 2 (23 days ago)
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Backstreet Goy 2 Otto von Bismarck > Wilhelm I > Wilhelm II > Merkel = Hitler
Backstreet Goy 2 (23 days ago)
You[']r[e] wrong Germans always do everything better. Hitler was the best leader of all time. The holocaust didnt happen but it will for real this time.
You[']r[e] wrong (23 days ago)
Backstreet Goy 2 Even better! My Panthers ans Leopards have unlimited bomb omb ammo!
QuizMFlex 07 (30 days ago)
Bruuuh! How do you have Megaman X Collection 2 on your Switch already???
Abtin Barzin (30 days ago)
The Blue Shell thing is true, I think it's like 30 frames
glenn donnelly (30 days ago)
You know I bloody saw the thumbnail and I didn't even notice
GDSpider64 (30 days ago)
I dont think you know what DLC means...
GDSpider64 (29 days ago)
Gavin D was fortnite season 5 dlc? No it was an update
Gavin D (30 days ago)
GDSpider64 Sure, but how did you get this update? You downloaded it. What did this update have? New content. Therefore, it's DLC, it's just not optional.
GDSpider64 (30 days ago)
mudkip games just did. Dlc is optional, updates arent. This is an update because if you dont download it you cant play online
mudkip games (30 days ago)
Look on Wiki plz
GDSpider64 (30 days ago)
mudkip games no this is an update. DLC can be free, but you need to go to the eshop to get it. Updates are (usually) downloaded automatically, and if theyre not it tells you theres an update when you click on the game
L3g3nd Huntz (30 days ago)
Labo the garbo
MTG (30 days ago)
Theres more coming out its confirmed
_ _ (30 days ago)
MTG proof ?
Luke aka Razzo (30 days ago)
Go Cubs!!! ⚾️🐻😂
Awesome Sauce (30 days ago)
Not sure why but I can't do picture in picture on this video because "music videos" aren't allowed to use the feature 🤔
LittleNick (30 days ago)
Angel Pagan (30 days ago)
This little DLC is appreciated but we ALL know that the main throng we are all looking for is new tracks, whether retro or brand new. But only the future can tell what else comes to the game.
Michael Strong (30 days ago)
Angel Pagan chill. Free dlc and still complaining. Wait
Jose Albuquerque (30 days ago)
What headphones are you using?
ArtTrash (30 days ago)
I was surprised at breath of the wild link came also I thought they were placed Twilight Princess but he's just a skin now
ArtTrash (30 days ago)
Michael Strong ohhhh sorry my bad!
Michael Strong (30 days ago)
ArtTrash that was skyward link. But yeah a good move imo.
Kaiheps (30 days ago)
Really needed that 10 min add
Stratilex (30 days ago)
Lol a minute of my life wasted
Chris Gennusa (30 days ago)
I was so excited for a new cup or BOTW track...
David Newbon (30 days ago)
I want diddy kong
Richie1100 (30 days ago)
It's not Downloadable Content
Oscar Delgado (30 days ago)
Maaan u suck at mk
Divvy Glazed (30 days ago)
Has this game ever gone on sale in the eshop? I have it on wii u and haven't wanted to pay for it again
Michael Strong (30 days ago)
Divvy Glazed it's the top selling game.
ItzSwagalicious (30 days ago)
This guy predicted so many things coming and he said DLC and it came... So there should be a direct on the 22nd...
Aint shit. It lucky guess.
Gavin D (30 days ago)
Well, we just wait two days to see if it's true or if it's just propped up on a lucky guess.
El diablo da Costa (30 days ago)
ItzSwagalicious Its an update, not dlc.
ItzSwagalicious (30 days ago)
yeah it sounds sketchy but its coming true...
Michael Strong (30 days ago)
ItzSwagalicious hmmmm
Kalen McNamara (30 days ago)
I’m so glad Nintendo is continuing to support its games. Especially with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is basically a port. It may not be new tracks or modes, but it’s something, and that’s enough for me!
McEnderman117 (30 days ago)
What an amazing video sir. So much information and content packed into even just the first minute
Chase Smaker (30 days ago)
A min of black screen?!?!
Daniel S (30 days ago)
I just got a switch force ad on a switch force video omg
SashMcFlash (30 days ago)
Assist wasn't on by default. It was on arbitrarily or because it knew you were streaming!!!
D B (30 days ago)
We need Super Smash Kart.
Antoz.17 (30 days ago)
No piss off
Michael Strong (30 days ago)
D B yeah with samus
rPizza Spaghetti (30 days ago)
Honestly I’ve been playing MK8D since this update came out. Haven’t played like this in a while. Hopefully they bring out more updates soon
Sonic171000 (30 days ago)
Time to put Funky Kong over DK.

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