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Top 12 BIG PS4 Games Coming in MAY 2018

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In this video, we take a look at the BIG PS4 Games Coming in May 2018. Which of these titles are you interested in? Comment your thoughts on EVERY BIG PS4 Game Coming in May 2018! These are the NEW PS4 Games Coming in May 2018. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order. Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Games present in this countdown- Detroit Become Human - 5/25 Dark Souls Remastered - 5/25 Dragon's Crown Pro - 5/15 Everspace - 5/29 Killing Floor Incursion (PSVR) - 5/1 Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition - 5/22 Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor Martyr - 5/11 Moonlighter - 5/29 City of Brass - 5/4 Conan Exiles - 5/8 Lumines Remastered - Sometime in May Guns of Icarus Alliance - 5/1 Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (274)
maryam ahsan (1 month ago)
everspace got a bit no mans sky content
Jon Dani (3 months ago)
Where is Time crisis VR!?
Nick S (3 months ago)
I thought red dead redemption 2 was gonna be in here.
Axel TheGod (3 months ago)
Ghost (3 months ago)
only one game on that list that looks like its from 2018 and worth buying
Nelson (3 months ago)
May? More like, "meh." At least when it comes to these game releases.
DudeNoobem (3 months ago)
Def getting DS Remaster. Also SpaceHulk might be my way back into Fps cuz that shit looked insane!! Im also very excited for Code Vein, Biomutant, BL3 and Witchfire (which I have no idea whats up with that game besides that 1 teaser trailer). Oh and whatever the heck From Software is working on, I want it. Have nothing but faith and blind trust in them but they earned it time and time again. Got some hype man!
DudeNoobem (3 months ago)
Warhammer could've been one of the best games IF it didn't have a top down camera. If it had a Dark Souls style camera it would be AMAZING!. They give it such awesome artstyle only to make it a top down game diminishing those stunning visuals and character designs etc!? Why would they detract from there best qualities?
havel twink (3 months ago)
RISHI Tech (3 months ago)
I am your new subscriber
Game Playerr (3 months ago)
nice game
Swizor (3 months ago)
H1z1 is coming 22
Tyler Durden (4 months ago)
All these games look like shit ill keep waiting for red dead 2 thanks
sconah (4 months ago)
20 years I've been watching the evolution of gaming and suddenly we are back in the 90s with all these side scrollers.. And 8bit side scrollers at that. I'm surprised they sell as well as they do.
Sharpshooterrr (4 months ago)
Big? Most of them look like Android games.
Motchie 547 (4 months ago)
DBH looks like a Telltale. Kinda boring to me..
gtafan110010 (4 months ago)
Ok so a boring month it is. I guess that's fine, I still have other games to finish
CR33P1N D34TH (4 months ago)
Klqpk 1kwj1m1j I was 8pqpqpwsolssieii3776161yq515151pl876iwiwoowo3i3oieeiiwowo2o3qoowowowowplqoopwowo2l22oo2o2o22o2o2o2o22o@o2oo2o2wowoowowowowowowowowwowowowowoowowowoowowowowowwowo2owowiwowoe0
Tupi Prle (4 months ago)
Craig M (4 months ago)
Moonlighter looks great
Veriden biteme (4 months ago)
did he say dork souls? because that's accurate.
In The Beginning (4 months ago)
hitman definitive edition for me since i never played it yet.
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Yea just uploaded my Top 12 list for May. It will be very appreciate if you check it please
Brian Wood (4 months ago)
I'll admit, I didn't think any of them looked interesting.
G.A.B. (4 months ago)
Why are we getting a Dark Souls Remastered, it was high definition on the PS3 we don't need or want it.
Joe Mama (4 months ago)
Dark souls looks too souls like, not going to play it
Niklas Vedberg (4 months ago)
what about vampyr
Nishant Sengar (4 months ago)
Dragons Crown has some of the incredibly hottest female protagonist in all of gaming
Rob Spleen (4 months ago)
Today my birthday. Where is my present?
fadly yanuar (4 months ago)
Great video. It would be better if you not repeat the footage after narating it... feels repetitive and wasting viewers time, unless you show new footage
Richard Luis (4 months ago)
Detroit become human is a must. Love your vidz btw bro
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Richard Luis hello I can see that you like kind of channel guess what mine is similar. It will be very appreciate if you check it please thank you
Captain Slappywacks (4 months ago)
Meh, looks like May will be a good month for my second play through of Witcher 3. Might pick up ever space if anything
sabfmbb (4 months ago)
Looks like a pretty dead month.
stevebrownrocks (4 months ago)
Why do I think DBH will be full of cutscenes? 🤔
SMAV Emerson (4 months ago)
stevebrownrocks that will be the game probably
Mehmed (4 months ago)
*Only game worth buying is Detroit become human.*
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Mehmed hello I have different game on my Top list for this month
Immortal Kdude (4 months ago)
A is for Annihilation (4 months ago)
Nice vid. Sadly this is the generation of remasters. Ps3, I have sooo many games. Great 1's! Ps4, way less. Pickins r slim compared to past generations & it's probably due to the rushing out of next Gen instead of making each generation great. This goes for all consoles. Nothing against Sony, I love ps consoles. It's unfortunate we don't have the kind of choices we had last gen. Some great games available but not nearly as many as previous gen. We need backwards compatible consoles (I know xbone is but wouldn't do me any good cuz I dont own xbox titles) & continue having that going 4wd. I don't want to re buy games I already have.
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
A is for Annihilation i thought I was the only one who think that. You are right but it's for me because some great games on the last gen need to be more polished. And btw I'm a youtuber You can check my channel it's very cool and it will be very appreciate if you check it
Monomio (4 months ago)
Little Witch Academia
Qasrul Iqbal (4 months ago)
Both warhammer games and Detroit Become Human and yeah Agony are my games for May
Rian MacMahon (4 months ago)
Please STOP pushing Dragon's Crown Pro!! As a female gamer I am insulted by some of the characters:Male AND female!! Not necessary in this day!! Gross
Christian Olmos (4 months ago)
very disappointed from sony releasing shitty games with bad graphics designs, we are in 2018 not 90’s,
Kenzzone (4 months ago)
Quantic Dream : Good games,Terrible Company
Michael Cortorreal (4 months ago)
Of all the games showed, only Moonlighter is on my radar, guess from March until September there is not much for me.
Colhoun Clan (4 months ago)
Angus O.o (4 months ago)
may is weak... all titles are unappealing to me
Hadi Jami (4 months ago)
All of them the shit games
Jacob Wright (4 months ago)
City of brass looks like it could be my jam. I loved dragons crown on the Vita so I'm very pleased that its on ps4. Heavy rain is one of my very favorite experiences ever so I'm really rooting for Detroit to come through. Overall I think its a pretty good month.
sof (4 months ago)
you dont have to use your video's start as an excuse to scream at me dude
agil muharam (4 months ago)
Fucking Detroi spoiler, disliked
Jygga (4 months ago)
No mention of Street Fighter Collection that drops May 29th?
honeytos28 (4 months ago)
honeytos28 (4 months ago)
Brandon byakko (4 months ago)
The only game I'll be playing in may is ff 14 patch 4.3
André Vila Franca (4 months ago)
I'm only looking forward to AGONY from Madmind Studio.
Realmasterorder (4 months ago)
Dark souls is an amazing game but its basically the same as the one we played years back they should do a Proper Remastered Version if want people to buy it again .......
KoS (4 months ago)
detroit become human is a definite, i'll have to check out warhammer and everspace because i know nothing about them
TheSheepDogPatriot1776 (4 months ago)
if you play far cry 5 You are a Piece of shit! It is anti american!
ankica lokva (4 months ago)
hmm only Detroit is good .
Deedric Kee (4 months ago)
For me Beyond was a fun and great game, I want do want Detroit:Become human I played the Demo
Deedric Kee (4 months ago)
Yes it was couple of days ago 👌
Chaika Gaz (4 months ago)
Deedric Kee I thought the demo comes out tomorrow? I guess ur in Europe?
Yeeksquilack (4 months ago)
Hadn't heard of City of Brass, think I'll check that one out. Probably get the Warhammer games too.
Game Playerr (4 months ago)
Dave Marinas (4 months ago)
Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr release date was moved to June 5
Chibi-Wez-Chibi (4 months ago)
How boring, that android one looks ok
Kholke Holkepolke (4 months ago)
I still have yet to get God of War, Yakuza6, or Nino Kuni 2... I just barely completed Horizon Zero Dawn, Infamous Second Son, and I've hardly touched FF15... Nevermind my backlog of games... I can't keep up. Regardless, DetroitBecome Human, Everspace, Space Hulk, Warhammer 40k , City of Brass, and Guns of Icarus all look good.. =D.
Nimity Tei (4 months ago)
not if u never get to play it, im still playing witcher 3 LOL
Jason Kane (4 months ago)
Kholke Holkepolke Not keeping up is actually a good thing. You get to see how it gets rated and if it's good or not.
mAD hOUSE hENRY (4 months ago)
Jacek Bodziony (4 months ago)
wo wo wo...my friend - beyond two souls was a great game <3
DaSTRAYxDEGT (4 months ago)
Games are looking pretty weak right now, all I see is boring boring & more boring unfortunately for me, great video though.
DaSTRAYxDEGT yeah man, games these days are gettin weak n borin......game designers need to elaborate their games on skyrim n dark soul
the0master200 (4 months ago)
The shop keeper game is a copy of Recetear a really nice game on pc. If you can afford it, play it.
Ben Vorbeck (4 months ago)
Dork souls pmsl!!!
Dymor Dy (4 months ago)
Beyond two souls disappointing? :o that is totally not the case. It was gr8 I enjoyed it as much as Heavy rain.
Idiotic Tirades (4 months ago)
Abderrahmane Lamine Out of curiosity did you play it on the PS4 or the PS3? On the PS3 version there was Flash forwards flash backwards flash sideways, some people were complaining the story was a little confusing, but apparently on the PS4 version you can play it in sequential order.
Joe Mama (4 months ago)
Abderrahmane Lamine me too, I probably liked it a little bit better.
RPG Junkie (4 months ago)
ya, so about them steampunk airship battles!?
Mantas Baltinas (4 months ago)
Is it me or did the narrator said Dork souls
DestanyZer0 (4 months ago)
City of brass looks like the content they ripped out of sea of thieves on the shitbox
Mr. Aesthetic (4 months ago)
Still waiting on that Skryrim 6 to come out😭
jrreogreugerugregreger (4 months ago)
You'll be waiting a long time still.
solarneddy (5 months ago)
Luminies a must buy. Long overdue, fingers crossed for PSVR compatibility
Joshua Mwaniki (5 months ago)
WOW WOW WOW HOLD THE FUCK UP? Disappoint like BEYOND TWO SOULS? I want you to pack your bags, and GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE... Not even gonna watch the rest of your video.
Gravitational Pull (5 months ago)
this is CultofMush, right? i guess this is the more game oriented channel and the other is more about Pc/hardware
Beyond the Grave (5 months ago)
Why did they release so many 2D Shits on PS4 People could play them with fuckin NDS Not on this powerful Game host They wasted the great talent of PS4
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (5 months ago)
Detroit and city of brass for me.
Ben Cody (5 months ago)
Les 2 jeux warhammer pour moi 😜
Golden Sperm (5 months ago)
My Xbox children, join us the Ps4 Masterrace. It's still not late to join us.
LouDogg 420 (5 months ago)
Damn a lot of these games look pretty interesting to me. I was already planning on grabbing Detroit Become Human & Dark Souls, but now I might have to add a few more to the list. I hope Moonlighter turns out well. I'm a sucker for action rpg indie games and love to support the devs when they make a great game.
GuitarMan91588 (5 months ago)
Yeah, I'm staying far away from SJW Become Inhuman.
Nick S (3 months ago)
SMAV Emerson (4 months ago)
Haha I like my games to play like games
Follow the howl (5 months ago)
GuitarMan91588 edgy af
筒井筒井筒 (5 months ago)
Claudio Tomaz (5 months ago)
I see a lot of shity cellphone games, and only a few console games. What a trash console generation
Allarian (4 months ago)
A lot of shitty mobile games come out because they *are* shitty. Or would you want there to be a lot of shitty console games instead with a few good/decent console games?
liri Dd (5 months ago)
Where is kdh 3 :(
jrreogreugerugregreger (4 months ago)
It'll be December or 2019. It's certainly not coming in May...
Warthog-faced buffoon (5 months ago)
Beyond Two Souls is an amzing game and not disappointing at all. Fatastic experience I'll never forget
lukaz (5 months ago)
I am so hyped for Dark Souls Remastered !!
Ihate allthethings (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who gives literally no fuck about Detroit become human
pniiice (4 months ago)
no, you're not at all. No interest whatsoever here too. Also use of the word SJW is a good indicator of cunthood.
jrreogreugerugregreger (4 months ago)
I don't enjoy games like that so no, you're not the only one. Heavy Rain bored the hell out of me the 3 different times I tried to play it. Never got the appeal. I'll be finishing God of War and Ni No Kuni 2 during May. Maybe try and finish Kingdom Come Deliverance if they come out with another patch or two.
holamoco17 (4 months ago)
Vigil Animations Conan exiles looks like shit
Noxus Animations (4 months ago)
Kayden Hurlbert nope I couldn't give 2 shits about the game. I can't wait for Conan Exiles over this garbage
holamoco17 (4 months ago)
Kayden Hurlbert, of course you don't going to like everything, I don't like all games either. But if you've played Heavy Rain and liked it, well it is made from the same devs.
Nasser Harbi (5 months ago)
Getting Dark Souls Remastered and space hulk deathwing for sure. Everspace and Inquisitor Martyr look really interesting.
krum1985 (5 months ago)
Detroit become human and moonlighter are the ones I'm interesded in for may releases. Which is a good thing, i still have quite a backlog of great games I already own but yet to play...
Kamrul Ahasan (5 months ago)
Plz make a video about Upcoming Top 10 video games on Android /IOS in May 2018
Kamrul Ahasan (4 months ago)
Rian MacMahon 😊
Rian MacMahon (4 months ago)
And how about a shout out to all the Kingdom hearters who have been spending many, many hours playing khux on android/Apple and any other platform we can.. I know that many of us got here because we needed a kh fix while we wait for khIII.. but we stay because we actually enjoy the game! And now that SENA announced that 100 players of union cross will be in khIII some who left may be Back! I make no excuse for my obsession.. lol (&I am a f2p player!)
Kamrul Ahasan (5 months ago)
Thx for this video
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Kamrul Ahasan can you please support my channel please by watching some of my videos I just uploaded 12 PS4 Best Games for May
bibi green (5 months ago)
Beyond two souls was mind blowing 😒
DTyoung Villian (4 months ago)
bibi green heavy rain was better imo
ScorpioSting 776 (5 months ago)
I'm definitely gonna buy Detroit become human cause it releases on may 25th which is my birthday.😁😁😁😁😁
jrreogreugerugregreger (4 months ago)
We have the same birthday Piggy. Good on ya.
Jragic Life (4 months ago)
Mine is May 23. Pretty close dates all three of us have
Necro Gamer (4 months ago)
piggy64XDbacon 666 my birthday is may 21
Jragic Life (4 months ago)
Last day of college so it's a good date.
Raul Rojas (5 months ago)
so far moonlighter is the best game on this list
Ser Josh (5 months ago)
Raul Rojas no it may be good not denying that but it's not the best period
Chris Wuebbolt (5 months ago)
Just give me Dark Souls Remastered and I'll be good :)
Arcanjo Cassoba (5 months ago)
Gosh Darnit (5 months ago)
There couldn't be a better voice for game reviews

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