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15 Best Upcoming RPG Games of 2018 | NEW Role Playing Games for PC, PS4, Xbox one

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some of the best Rpg games upcoming in 2018 on PS4 , PC and Xbox one , and this vedio is about the top 15 role playing games ( 2018 ) ----------------------------------------------------- List Of Games : # 1 : Monster Hunter World 00:00 Release : 26 jan 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 2 : Biomutant 02:20 Release : early 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 3 : Code Vein 03:36 Release : 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 4 : Immortal Unchained 04:51 Release : 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 5 : Anthem 05:37 Release : 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 6 : Kingdom Come : Deliverance 07:10 Release : 13 Feb 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 7 : Darksiders III 08:07 Release : 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) # 8 : GreedFall 09:29 Release : 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) #9 : Kingdom Hearts III 10:09 Release : 2018 (PS4-XB1) #10 : Ni No Kuni 2 11:23 Release : 19 jan 2018 (PS4-PC) #11 : Rune : Ragnarok The Gods Shall Fall 12:39 Release : TBA #12 : Sword Art Online : Fatal Bullet 13:23 Release : early 2018 (PS4-PC-XB1) #13 : Shenmue III 14:17 Release : second half 2018 (PS4-PC) #14 : Ashes of Creation 14:59 Release : 2018 (pc) #15 : Dauntless 16:25 Release : early 2018 (PC)
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Text Comments (92)
gamekonsoller (9 days ago)
When is Monster hunter coming to pc?
Bernard Mills (29 days ago)
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Lalafel Daorkboss (1 month ago)
Yeah, in top of rpgs there is no pathfinder, good job, as dumb as tgere wasnt rpg of the year in previos top
Pamela Herbella (1 month ago)
14:26 The song is amazing
7moodx96 (3 months ago)
whats the best pc game that has a great story and good combat ? ?
Sundincubus (3 months ago)
That first video of "Monster Hunters" is disappointing. good graphics but I already got bored by watching the trailer.
BasicHaddock4 (3 months ago)
Anthem looks lit
R dB (3 months ago)
More hyped for Terraria Otherworld than any of these games.
It Is Me NoOne (4 months ago)
Someone tell @Gamer SBR to look for information before posting bullshit... Ashes of Creation in 2018? Come on.. another example of why allowing every individuals to spread information on the internet is a bad idea, channels on youtube is like newspapers... 2% of them actually is quality the left is pure garbage filled with misleading..
Lucas Ribeiro (4 months ago)
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Where the hell is dark soul remastered?
Alvizoman (4 months ago)
I’m quite excited for Monster Hunter World, but I have to ask, I know this is gonna sound stupid but, i never played a Monster Hunter game in my life, the games look quite interesting, anyway, since I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game, do I need to play the previous ones to understand the story more, or do the games have different stories that aren’t related to each game, or is Monster Hunter one of those series where the story doesn’t matter
Raistlin Majere (4 months ago)
Drimz (4 months ago)
ashes of creation is the most epic but its only playable for some people due to system requierment
Geralt of Rivia (4 months ago)
Wow these all look like shit.
Agustin Alejo Gimenez (4 months ago)
Ok, good joke vid, now show us the real rpgs, not just asian crap with big swords and cute monsters...
ZERO (4 months ago)
Claudio Melcon (4 months ago)
I would recommend to avoid Anthem... that game is doomed as it is an EA property That sword art game, looks plain bad, the animations are beyond terrible
ChuckBoris1987 (4 months ago)
So 2018 will be a long an boring year .......
Daren Redman (4 months ago)
"If you're bored then you're boring."
ArutaretiI (5 months ago)
I would love to play a sequel to New Vegas sometimes... I consider it one of the best RPGs since the ages of original Fallout 1/2 and Baldur's Gate :)
Tango Bravo (5 months ago)
all of good rgps in 2018 ,nice vid liked and subed .
MrOzyreusz (5 months ago)
Looks bad. Worse than 2015 lineup. Hope for a suprise
Fearanoma Plays (5 months ago)
What is the game shown in the thumbnail for this video?
Gamer SBR (5 months ago)
Immortal Unchained 04:51
joker3117nk (5 months ago)
Biomutant a cute game to play.
civoreb (5 months ago)
I just wish games could come out faster. Thats what trailers like this do. Make me impatient af lol
Ryan Miller (5 months ago)
Greedfall and Ashes of Creation are the only games on this list that look interesting to me.
Krumbell Gorls (5 months ago)
Ice G (5 months ago)
These look ok. But how about some first person rpgs...? Is bethesda the only developers willing to make the them..
MortalReaver (5 months ago)
Ehm, Ehm, Ehm Kingdom Come Deliverance
William Moyle (6 months ago)
Kingdom Come Deliverance Greedfall Vampyr All games I am really looking forward to.
William Moyle (6 months ago)
Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game I really look forward to
Enrique M.P. (6 months ago)
Monster Hunter games are so fine. I'm really excited for this one, looks fucking awesome!
Richard Barker (6 months ago)
I am looking forward to Vampyr and Spider-Man
Yumlam Minji (6 months ago)
I want a game where u create your character like fallout 4, have uniqe quests like skyrim and witcher, combat like dragons dogma, story like witcher 3, can design our own armors and weapons and colour them, no microtransactions, varying monster like monster hunter and unique human enemies like god of war, nemesis system like shadow of war, lore deep like WOW, openworld like witcher, gore like scorn, and memorable special companions like mass effect 2. On a single player rpg. No multiplayer bullshit. But since i cant have it. I guell i'll die then
Joaquín Sotelo (2 months ago)
Dragon Age series? Inquisitions great but Origins is unbeatable.
Jutarat Vongvisas (2 months ago)
Are you dead yet?
MortalReaver (4 months ago)
yeah, that would be also nice :D
Daren Redman (4 months ago)
Lol wtf. What else do you all want? A burger with fries? Tacos? a hot gf? lots of money? haha
MortalReaver (5 months ago)
And I would like combat and mechanics like in Messiah:Might and Magic mixed with movement like in Mirror Edge, companions, and strongholds like in Baldurs Gate 2, RPG mechanics(Atributes,skills, etc.)like in Fallout New Vegas, lore deep like in Legend of Heroes series, weapon system like in Dungeons and Dragons, and the most important very very limited inventory which in turn would reduce looting/hoarding. If possible no crafting no nemesis system and no open world, instead would like to have many smaller instances like in Dragon Age Origins and Neverwinter Nights 2 just bigger. Dont care about visual creation of character since I suck with them. And absence of any online feature is matter of course.
Davi (6 months ago)
Cant feel hyped at for any of those. Anyway they look decent. Miss class systems and class trees, and few other more complex systems. RPGs nowdays looks more like the games we called in PSX generation as "(genre)+ with rpg elements".
Brian Ogilby (6 months ago)
Just Pillars Of Eternity 2 for me in 2018 anyways (since Dragon Age 4 Retribution and Cyberpunk 2077 wont be out yet and there wont be an Obsidian Fallout or Elder Scrolls, well there will never be one). The games on this RPG list look like total dogs.
korgL3 (6 months ago)
Kingdom come looks like a total rip off of the witcher 3. Even the one knight looks like Vesemir
exboi (28 days ago)
You're a special kind of stupid aren't you?
Erkut Eronat (3 months ago)
Great artists steal.
JLmoodHD (4 months ago)
it's completely different from witcher 3. What are you talking about it
Cool Name (5 months ago)
korgL3 or maybe both games were heavily influenced by that age and culture...
whatfreedom7 (6 months ago)
Ashes of creation looks like another assassins creed.
Kiran MVV (6 months ago)
God... first three games... :|... Darksiders 3 and Anthem... the rest all look like trash...
William Moyle (6 months ago)
Anthem is going to be microtransactioned/multiplayer bullshit, not an rpg
Richard Candia (6 months ago)
MadHatzOfficial (6 months ago)
Kingdom come!!
Jon Smith (6 months ago)
Guess BDO isn't in the list for console release
Jumpeer BH (6 months ago)
Where The fuck is Metro Exodus?
wrapped (6 months ago)
bul craps
Homeless Emperor (6 months ago)
What is the news abot greed fall and deep down? Those are the game i'm looking forward to!
Homeless Emperor (6 months ago)
drew w but i just found out from other people that there are a lot of negative feedbacks to the devs of their past games. But i hope it will change with greedfall
drew w (6 months ago)
Homeless Emperor greed fall looks amazing. even from the teaser.
данил осицын (6 months ago)
Top 15 casual console trash, lol. No one RPG here, like Tyranny.
HavelTheRock (3 months ago)
useless russian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gelo ao Cubo (5 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts is a casual console trash? LOL
Alejandro Rodríguez (6 months ago)
Not sure if you lack of experience with RPGs or just trolling. Even when many of them look a bit meh, some of them are amazing. Monster Hunter has always been a great game so I have high hopes for it, Code Vein is pretty similar to Dark Souls but with a more anime style. Ashes of Creation looks intresting if you do some research, but it is a MMORPG not a RPG. I am not really sure about Ni no Kuni 2 and Shenmue but their fandoms are huge, so they must be doing something right. And personally I have high hopes for Greed Fall.
Richard Barker (6 months ago)
данил осицын So basically you can't afford them .
данил осицын (6 months ago)
Szabolcs Koren (6 months ago)
ah man dauntless have too many cute beasts.. who could hurt a bearowl srsly..:D am btw if these are the best 15 then im not going to play rpgs in 2018 :/
Brian Ogilby (6 months ago)
Szabolcs Koren same, well...I wont be playing these ones.
Morse Code (6 months ago)
Szabolcs Koren kkk
Szabolcs Koren (6 months ago)
KK (don't try the triple K as an answer, thats racist!:P )
Morse Code (6 months ago)
Szabolcs Koren k
A Notlooking (6 months ago)
Dislike for japanese $hit
G K (6 months ago)
Becuase it's not on Xbox? Typical fanboy
Morse Code (6 months ago)
Alex Notlooking k
Vinicius Rosa Silveira (6 months ago)
You forgott mount and Blade bannerlord
Paulo César (6 months ago)
2018 year of RPG.
Younes 0660260032 (7 months ago)
nice almiryo..
Matheus Regis (7 months ago)
sam fisher (7 months ago)
:o I never thought 2018 have all those games
JuriKa Gaming (7 months ago)
For me Anthem is the one to look forward to.
Jclosed (6 months ago)
Multiplayer? Nah... Not for me....
Al Senpai (6 months ago)
Anthem is a Shooter ... Nowadays Every Game want to be a RPG!
OLomasO (6 months ago)
In Anthem you'll have played 80 hours and have one piece of good gear. Meanwhile you're buddy mouth breather with mommy money will be max level and have max gear because of his loot boxes.
Morse Code (6 months ago)
JuriKa Gaming Hyped as fuck for that game.
caos024 (6 months ago)
Hell no lol

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