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Miyamoto on World 1-1: How Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level

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Eurogamer had the chance to quiz both Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka about their history with Nintendo and the Mario franchise. This included an incredible walkthrough of World 1-1, arguably the most iconic video game level. Watch Super Mario's makers play Super Mario Maker: http://bit.ly/1Nt75DZ Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (1345)
LUIGI PLAYER ONE (17 days ago)
1 question miyamoto needs to awnser Did he want Mario to be able to jump backward?
icvvtc (18 days ago)
the question in my mind is , if he is just the idea of mario , or he was the idea technical software design who design the all or just he was the director and people who knows software was who make all
igano (20 days ago)
There are game designers that, even though they are talented and intelligent people, I can't stand them because of how obnoxious and full of themselves they can be. Then you have these guys who are more brilliant, more talented, have contributed way more and yet they are so humble and down to earth. I could watch these guys talking about game design for hours.
M K (29 days ago)
This dude is a legend. MARIO is a big part of my childhood. It’s the only game series I make sure I get whenever the new one comes out. I’m 36 now and I play MARIO Odyssey with my boys. :-) Its the only reason I bought the switch.
Frank San Nicolas (1 month ago)
That’s a good partner. Warning his bro about his impending game death. :) Gamers 4 life.
Online Butterfly (1 month ago)
I remember playing this level for the first time, as well as finding out how frustrating it is that you couldn't backtrack in a level. Those were the good ol' times.
Spokker (1 month ago)
Game journalists still had trouble with 1-1.
Eric Jensen (1 month ago)
Miyamoto's approach to this is brilliant.
cav3man82 (1 month ago)
downvote for having not one, but two ads before the video even starts.
Zachary Mogel (1 month ago)
Here’s a question why was Mario originally called jumpman
Mr. Akill3s (1 month ago)
The Stan Lee of today's generation.
Dinko Bach (1 month ago)
Somebody at Sony has to see this.
rj benjamin (1 month ago)
These r the same ppl that designed the beginning of Twilight Princess tho lol
jiwagundam (1 month ago)
Now i know who's the designer of the games but who's composed mario theme song ??
Miyamoto looks so pure doing the hand motions and stuff ❤️ Like he seems like EXACTLY the guy who would make stuff kids adore.
Drugs I Love (1 month ago)
Amazing, they even thought of the character slipping to add realism, even though it's just a 8-bit 2D sprite game.
Krystof Perkey (2 months ago)
Getting bigger makes me happy
Benjamin Altube (2 months ago)
What a genius, to create an implicit tutorial within the start of the game so the players can learn for themselves
ITS A DIO (2 months ago)
Gotta love Miyamoto.
Crimson Typhoon (2 months ago)
Super Mario Bros. 2 babyyyyyyyy!
Leytendo Bros (2 months ago)
video game creator dies on the first level of his own game
HumanZero HumanZero (2 months ago)
It's iconic because it's 1-1. No matter what it was it would. alwyas be considered iconic.
vh9network (3 months ago)
at 7:11 is anyone else thinking of SEGA Miyamoto mentions with 3D others were just focusing on F1 racing. It's interesting to see how Nintendo had Super Mario in their crosshairs when it came to 3D. If only SEGA had the same thought for Sonic back then.
Mr Edgy (3 months ago)
This is not half life 3
NA TAN (3 months ago)
Super Michael 2003 (3 months ago)
"So we decided we needed a 'bad mushroom'. The original drawing that I had was of a black mushroom." And so a year after Super Mario Bros. (1985) was released, Super Mario Bros. 2 (The Lost Levels) (1986) was made.
Roto The Dragon Lord (3 months ago)
But level 1 is supposed to be the long tutorial with all the cutscenes
787brx8 (3 months ago)
A vast amount of games came from one guy. Mario, DK, Sonic, Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Halo and over a thousand more. The guy just did the intial design for these games which included maps, music, characters, Easter eggs, game play, story lines, hidden objects/rooms ect. Pretty much told the programers how to build the games. He also designed many consoles as well. So there would have not been a Nes- Switch, Master-Dreamcast, Xbox, Turbographics 16 and more without him. He changed the world with his movies, games, music, inventions ect. Wrote his first set of movies before the age of one and Star Wars was in that set. Now it's someone else's turn as he no longer cares about the entertainment industry.
Joe Witowski (3 months ago)
The mushroom doesn't make Mario big, it gets him High
Chris Anthony (3 months ago)
The "suspicious mushroom" reference is widely known around the world partly because of Alice in Wonderland, but humans have been doing magic mushrooms for millenia and it's probably on the level of a Jungian symbol in our subconscious after that long. Magic mushrooms grow naturally in parts of England, and the Druids were tripping on them before Christ, but the psilocybin experience never became common knowledge. In the 1800's shrooms still had no official name because their existence wasn't fully understood. So where did Carroll get the mushroom symbol from? Could be a revamping of the toadstools in fairy tales; but where did they come from? I guess he could've picked the symbol at random too. Maybe he even got high on wild mushrooms by chance, or was apart of a Druidic mushroom cult. What I think happened is he channelled it from the archetype database of the human condition like all great writers do. It then became such a hit because it awoke dormant symbolism in the public's mind. Maybe I'm just mad. Mushrooms that make you grow is too bizarre and shouldn't make sense; but even if you know nothing about Alice or Mario or magic mushrooms, you still "get it" on an instinctive level.
Winter Haydn (4 months ago)
Goombas always look like owls to me, with polished shoes.
Dimentive (4 months ago)
The description says that this game is Super Mario Maker. Hmmm. _🤔_
Colorless Green (4 months ago)
I think he basically just described my first experience playing this game as a child in the late 80s.
Love Gestapo (4 months ago)
"We thought a suspicious mushroom would be globally understood..." ALICE IN WONDERLAND! NO SHIT! In the 30 years I've been playing Mario, I've never put those two together! *facepalms*
Melvin Wei (4 months ago)
These two are legends.
Kimmo Laine (4 months ago)
Basically they did a lot of mushrooms, and that's what they came up with. Get creative, people!
Simon0 (4 months ago)
Mario is a lie. I ate a mushroom yesterday and i didnt grow to twice my height. :(
Ken Masters (4 months ago)
*Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels* is better than the original.
SuperPedroGlitchy 8024 (4 months ago)
louis de vos (5 months ago)
Dispute another struggle unknown convention warm sustain competitive.
Voidwalker studios (5 months ago)
lol miyamoto: how do we make Mario bigger what is the majic item that will make everyone like himcwhich is why we made little mario
I missed every subtitle cause of Miyamoto's smile
Trurl (5 months ago)
I doubt Miyamoto still remembers what their thought process was 30 years ago when they developed this game. A lot of what he says probably is confabulation.
William Hetherington (5 months ago)
this guy is a goddamned legend, a GOD!
Jim Steinbrecher (5 months ago)
i wonder if the aa bb cc on the wall is the japanese equivalent of hipster bars having random asian characters on the walls.
Zagreos (5 months ago)
Mario Bros 3 is a quite possibly the worst video game of all time. I tried it back in 1991.
P2M (5 months ago)
If I ever have an offspring, I want this to be the first videogame they play. I want to see if they manage to complete the first level with 0 instructions about the controls.
DarkDraken (5 months ago)
what about 1-2?
Brian Bushue (5 months ago)
this video was amazing, love hearing a master talk about his craft. so serious and yet obviously so much love for the process
RockAustinTV (5 months ago)
If it wasn’t for Miyamoto’s thought process gaming wouldn’t be what it is today.
Stayshtum68 (5 months ago)
My fondest memory, was on a lovely summers evening in 1986 in England. I was just 18 years old at the time,and for once I had a few pounds in my pocket,and as I had got to town too early,in my excitement for a night out with my friends,I thought I would pass the time,by going into an amusement arcade,and lo and behold, I see this new games machine called Super Mario. fast forward an hour and I am totally hooked on this amazing game. For the next few weeks I go into the arcade and master this game,I found out all of its secrets and was able to complete the game without losing a single life. And I had an audience of youths all around the machine watching me doing this. I got pats on the back and approving looks from everyone. I felt like a king that day. I am 50 now,but when ever I hear the Mario tune I am 18 all over again. It really is a precious memory,and it is great to see the Mario games are still going strong.
etherraichu (6 months ago)
And they did a very good job of it. I can't think of many games where the very first level teaches you everything you need to know about the entire game.
planetX15 (6 months ago)
Didn't John Romero made the first level of Doom (can't remember wich one) last?
Naiko (6 months ago)
Miyamoto created an invisible tutorial and most AAA games cant even do that in 2018.
Nightweaver1 (6 months ago)
SMB was the first video game I ever played on a coherent level, back in 1988. I'm sure I played a few in arcades of the era when I was even younger, but that year was the beginning of me as a gamer, and World 1-1 was my introduction to how to play a video game, using controls properly, and engaging with a character. It is as much a part of my consciousness as breathing. And Miyamoto has a great deal to do with me falling in love with video games as a lifestyle. My most recent achievement as a gamer was defeating Aldrich in Dark Souls III last night, and that would not have been possible had I not picked up SMB 30 years ago.
Mex Power (6 months ago)
This is a cool Mann
kasper (6 months ago)
Genius . com
Obsidian Hadiez (6 months ago)
Without Nintendo, my life would be worth nothing.
Chalky (6 months ago)
He acts like he had the idea for Mario 64 but it was actually heavily based on the prototype for a Yoshi game another developer made, but Nintendo cancelled that game and made this instead.
Top Weeb (6 months ago)
It's iconic only because it was first.
Top Weeb (6 months ago)
I was referencing Level 1, not Mario as a whole.
Tsuchiya Mare (6 months ago)
Legends.. :)
Ness N (6 months ago)
Miyamoto is God.
Omar Khatib (6 months ago)
"How do we make him bigger? We thought a suspicious mushroom would be globally understood." #japaneselogic
優さん (6 months ago)
Anthony Terry (7 months ago)
Without this man, who knows if video games would exist in the states? True legend
Black koopa Pham (7 months ago)
J. (7 months ago)
I'm glad Japan chose survival over extinction. The world is such a great place with them in it.
TheRetri Jeans (7 months ago)
i grew up with mario bros and other console when i was young im stil playing mario bros from time to time its a fun game. on nes snes
green retrogaming (7 months ago)
was my first videogame. love the nes <3
MAME ARCADE (7 months ago)
this guys understand how life works, so they convert that to a video game
xXCoolGamerPro2635Xx (7 months ago)
miyamoto is my shit >:(
katanarama96 (7 months ago)
You can still see Miyamoto very happy when he talks about Mario and not got accustomed over many years. Thank you for all your work, Miyamoto.
787brx8 (7 months ago)
Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, Zelda and hundreds more came from the guy who wrote Tron. That's why Pac-Man is in the movie. He came up with the games concept/ level designs, characters, names, music Ect. Basically everything that is in the game came from him first. Then sent into a company and they go from there. In order for Nintendo make the investment into making their first console, they had to have a bunch of games on the way. This guy is where they came from as well as consol design. Not saying he did it all by himself but the NES and many other consoles would not exist without his work. Not saying all this crap for nothing, just here to let you know a little of what he did, now that he is retiring.
CidGuerreiro1234 (7 months ago)
Back when tutorials were inteliggently included in the game instead of lecturing you on how to play it. So rare to see that these days.
Nick P (7 months ago)
You know that feeling when you get a new game or you do something that you're really proud of and you have that smile that you can't get rid of and it's automatic? Miyamoto looks like that all the time. Every time I see him it looks like he's just created the very first level in Super Mario Bros and he's so proud of it.
FatherAndSonsTV (7 months ago)
the best game ever... LOVE MARIO CLASSIC!
Respect The Face (7 months ago)
So the game was built backwards?
Respect The Face (7 months ago)
I wonder how many times this man has played this game ?
painterjosh (7 months ago)
I love this video. Thank you!
crazy wolff (7 months ago)
crazy wolff (7 months ago)
Super MegaBroBro (7 months ago)
flippin ace!!
Fennec Besixdouze (7 months ago)
Really wish they didn't add in this distracting background music, I want to listen to what Miyamoto-san is saying. It's like whoever made the video thinks watching the greatest video game developer of all time speaking in detail about his masterwork would be somehow boring and they need to spice it up with a constant background music track of the theme.
Jaegar Ultima (7 months ago)
Interestingly enough Miyamoto doesn't say kuriboh initially he says the american "Goomba" which I guess even in Japan they consider both names canon.
Tyler Furrison Tech (7 months ago)
He's playing with an Xbox 360 controller, TRAITOR!
Ansar83500 (7 months ago)
Meiji era, Showa era, Miyamoto era.
MrZillas (7 months ago)
I bet, many things were done by accident. Seeing now it was good and telling the believers it was done on purpose. Dont believe the hype, it was his first game. XD
MadroxMonoxide777 (7 months ago)
It's honestly such a perfect level. It shows you what both of the powerups do, how they interact with enemies, what happens if you fall in a pit, has question blocks and a non-question block with an item, has a pipe that leads to a secret area, and has a hidden 1-up block in a spot where you might jump if you were trying to preemptively avoid a pit. Also shows that goombas aren't a threat and koopas are weapons. All in like 6 screens of level
PikminDan138 (7 months ago)
Good boy award goes too
Rina Quartz (8 months ago)
I have an OC named Kuri ahaha. Same kanji and everything. Guess he's a goomba!!
Al Bundy (8 months ago)
I truly understand Nintendo more now then ever. I understood a lot and the concepts make perfect sense from their point of view. This feels like video game history, where as, I'll never understand companies like Sony or Microsoft because they aren't as iconic
PS4sos21 (8 months ago)
Where are they, sesame street?
LinkTheBarbarian (8 months ago)
The Word of the Lord!!!
Jamie Koenig (8 months ago)
Tall tall mountain, Mario 64, most fun level in all of mario.
Lighty Hedgehog (8 months ago)
This Miyamoto using The Wii U Pro Controller
vblackrender. (8 months ago)
Mario on Drugs. This is the real Message haha. Take them feel amazing
Bluefire0807 (8 months ago)
"being hit makes you bigger, and that makes you really happy" is that a sexual joke miyamoto?
loko lokko (8 months ago)
MARIO THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WillyTheComposer (8 months ago)
Wait, so is Kuriboh from Yu-gi-oh also a chestnut?
BowserFan (8 months ago)
So your admitting he does drugs

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