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How To Directly Download Flash Games

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Have you ever wanted to take a flash game you really like and save it on to your computer? Step 1: The Source We all know that there are many different websites you can go on to play flash games. Only some of these websites are still ran "old style" as in, the flash game is hosted directly in the cache of the website. Newer games have the game communicate with another server to where actually get the game files from. Newer websites (like www.kongregate.com) have the game embedded deep in the site with new scripts and commands for achievements. These newer games and/or websites will halt you from downloading the .swf file you need to play the flash game from your own computer. Good Sources: www.maxgames.com www.newgrounds.com www.crazymonkeygames.com www.addictinggames.com Bad Sources: www.candystand.com www.kongregate.com Step 2: The Extractor Suprisingly, extracting the game you want takes no extra programs, just one website. This website is www.file2hd.com. This website allows you to download any file in the cache (storage) of the website to your harddrive. Step 3: Getting the Game Copy and paste the link of the page where you can play the flash game to the bar on www.file2hd.com. Check the Objects box as flash content is refered to as objects and this will make the website only search for flash content. Right-Click and Save as on the file you want. On some sites (like www.addictinggames.com) the .swf has a file name of numbers (i.e. 6421.swf). When saving your game, feel free to rename it to the proper name of the game. Step 4: Playing the Game from Your Computer Right-click on your newly downloaded game and click Open with.. Choose your favorite browser and check the box entitled : Always use the selected program to open this kind of file That's it! You can copy these .swfs to any sort of digital memory device (flash/thumb drive, external harddrive,cds,dvds) and take the games with you to other locations. If you found this tutorial helpful, please drop a line to me below in the comment section and please rate fairly. -ROCKZ
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Edit Name (5 years ago)
thank you it works
ZaccAttacc (5 years ago)
xD i just noticed it
treeckolf (5 years ago)
bro this is awesome!!!!!!!! id rate this 6 stars if i could!
1337xGMRvinny (6 years ago)
what about ninja kiwi?
MeButYou82 (6 years ago)
@metroidfannumber1 Ignore all the 'DOWNLOAD' buttons if there are some. Those are just adverts trying to give you viruses. If you look through the files, you should find one ending with the name of the game. Right click that one and click 'Save link as'. Lastly, pick somewhere to save the .swf file. Understand now? If not, I give up.
MeButYou82 (6 years ago)
@metroidfannumber1 I don't have a clue what you mean, but just make everything clear, I'll explain everthing. -_- First, find the game. Make sure you find it on addictinggames . c o m. Next go to file2hd . c o m. There you will find a bar where you can type stuff. Copy and paste the link of the site you found the game onto the text bar. After that, look at the things below the bar and select 'Objects' Then click the 'Get Files' button. Lots of files will appear. I'mRunningOutOfSpaceI'llReply
MeButYou82 (6 years ago)
@metroidfannumber1 No. Didn't I say that in the comment?
MeButYou82 (6 years ago)
@metroidfannumber1 It does work, I thought it wasn't working at the start. Have you been trying Newgrounds? I tried Newgrounds and it didn't work. I guess they updated it.
MeButYou82 (6 years ago)
@CinkCD Yes.
CinkCD (6 years ago)
Can you upload the game to an other gaming web-site???
mufloos (6 years ago)
Carlos979797 (6 years ago)
i dont get it i need help
osguus (6 years ago)
BoostIt (7 years ago)
THANK YOU! (everyone easy and safe)
rockzGG (8 years ago)
Thank you.
Daniel Garcia (8 years ago)
your rating is in the palm of mu hand =) nice vid :P

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