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Team Asuma and Kakashi vs Hidan and Kakuzu | Full Fight English Subbed

17420 ratings | 6057668 views
Team Asuma and Kakashi vs Hidan and Kakuzu | Full Fight English Subbed ● Buy Naruto and Boruto fan shirts: https://goo.gl/KSHz5J -------------------------------- Follow Me: ● Subscribe: https://goo.gl/KXELG4 ● Facebook: https://goo.gl/E1m5in ● Twitter: https://goo.gl/f5QycT ● G+: https://goo.gl/s74Nc2 ● I do not own any of this content. All rights are reserved by TV Tokyo and the creators of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.
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Text Comments (1181)
Best Anime (9 days ago)
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Lee Sumirat (4 days ago)
you are fucking incapable of making a normal cut ..... Bad editing.
Young Mccoy (7 days ago)
Best Anime m lolmilmlikp k
SYED KABIR (7 days ago)
Best Anime I like your profile picture
Tam Nguyen (8 days ago)
Best Anime
Serapis Bey (55 minutes ago)
Kakuzu, who fought the 1st Hokage with the hundreds of years experience of so many battles and wars yet was defeated by Naruto with a Kage Bunshin Combo. The F!!!!! Most Ass Pull FIGHT!!!
MoBiLe_LeGeNdS_ EPICS (3 hours ago)
More like, Ino ,Shikamaru, Chouji, Naruto, Sakura, sai, yamato and Kakashi vs Kakuzu at some point. Lul
Suriah Varathan (9 hours ago)
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Manuel Manes (14 hours ago)
36:51 Kakuzu being romantic here with Naruto
Thanh Huy (17 hours ago)
Curtis c (20 hours ago)
The question really is if it had been just kakashi and asuma instead of asuma, shikamaru, and the jonin vs hidan and kakuzu, would asuma have survived? (I dunno i mean kakashi is a way better support than those 3, but they would have no knowledge of hidan and kakazu's ability's.)
Lechmik Ahmsak (21 hours ago)
lol 14:13 should have hit them too....
StMargorach (1 day ago)
That is some sucky editing right there...
Mushu Dragon (1 day ago)
That purple prick hair man should of seen shadow boy coming coming BC he isnt going to die obviously!!!! ʙᴇʟɪᴇᴠᴇ ɪᴛ!!
CELO CRAFT (1 day ago)
Jesus crist can't get the red ball to any part of the video is fucking annoying
Shila Wahyudin (1 day ago)
Kerenn bangattt
Redex Choiss (1 day ago)
1:35 see the shadow xD
Scott M (1 day ago)
34:00 Emotional moments
Bill Chan (1 day ago)
Lol 40:16 that rock just fell on his head and rolled off like an egg
Bill Chan (1 day ago)
9:58 was exactly the same as 11:02 lol
dante larsson (1 day ago)
i saw a secret at 8:26 F
prince racaza (1 day ago)
why wasnt this animation used on the war against madara wtf,
nike morillo (2 days ago)
holy cow!
Rashod Hustle (2 days ago)
Hit that boy so hard killed him 3x over damn lol
Amine Hj (2 days ago)
every one complaining about the editing: you should know that's it's necessary to dodge copyright issues so stfu and enjoy it
Rekway (2 days ago)
Earth is weak against Lightning? Kakashi would suck at Pokemon
Thaddeus Smith (2 days ago)
This fight out Shikamaru in my top 3 favorites immediately
Caleb Dunbar (2 days ago)
Can somebody tell me why kakashi took kakazus blood if he thought the lightning blade was going to kill him
Francis Poligrates (2 days ago)
So many plot twist attack
Bigmike210033 (2 days ago)
Why did naruto have to get old ... been watching it since i was 7 now im 20 best anime hands down
Osii 21 (2 days ago)
Naruto literally did wind style rasengan here.....guys will be saying he cant.....
Catast (2 days ago)
lol 16:06
MyDaze (2 days ago)
anybody with an iq of 120 can kill Hidan
jam neechan (2 days ago)
This was one of the best fights that naruto did also the arc when teacher asuma died and it was a sad scene for his team.
Ben Jonh (2 days ago)
Wtf is no jitsu
Sami (2 days ago)
12:53 "You little tart" These subs are killing me hahahahaha Info: "tart" is a curse word used in the U.K to describe a woman who dresses provocatively, i.e: calling her a prostitute. Not nice in any way of course.
PhantomPh1re (2 days ago)
all this plot going on and the only thing i can think: "why the fuck are there zippo lighters in the shinobi world? who makes them?"
lelouch zero (2 days ago)
Very good
Mr.Villegas (2 days ago)
I love this fight
Briel 000 (3 days ago)
This is where boruto got the concept for that ninja tool.
Briel 000 (3 days ago)
War arc Kakashi can Kamui their immortal heads away... Into Obito's dimension..
I amけんたろう (3 days ago)
Jhoenie RJN (3 days ago)
I thought this was a full fight then why is it cutted??
Sanji Kuroashi (3 days ago)
este de kakashi y asuma team vs hidan y kakuzu, sasori vs chiyo y sakura fueron de los mejores combates.
Erik Petersson (3 days ago)
not to be that guy but the second naruto and gang stepped into the scene Kakuzu should've been like 'im out'. Why? Because even shikamaru in the Asuma fight said that Kakuzu is SMART enough to leave a fight when he knows he cant win. Kakuzu should've known he cant win. Love this fight tho (side eye emoji)
Arthur Barbosa (4 days ago)
27:46 what the music?
Neil Olivera (4 days ago)
If only kakashi used the kamui
ali boulahroud (4 days ago)
Que listo es kakachi
KALAMITY GAME (4 days ago)
And then ino and fatass go back to the leaf village and say that they took on tw0 akatsuki members by them self and won!!😂
Chrome_Desolator (4 days ago)
Song name 16:08?
Arthur Rebot (4 days ago)
Poopy Diarrhea (4 days ago)
Why does it sometimes play the same scenes?!?
luis astete (4 days ago)
RedPanda (4 days ago)
36:27 Kakuzu could have killed Naruto right there if it weren't for his plot armor.
K Ybarra (5 days ago)
Why didnt kukuzu just have spare hearts
Infernσ Phσeniх (5 days ago)
Not going to lie am I the only one who thought Naruto had no place or reason to be in this fight? I mean yeah he saved them and all but this was suppose to be team 10 moment to get revenge for their fallen sensei, Asuma. They only dragged out the fight and made Ino and Choji useless ( even though this fight could've shown how much their training paided off) so that Naruto can jump in and talk some bullshit about crossing a bridge so he can be "mature". That's just some bullshit excuse hiding the fact that the only reason he's there is to prove that he is capable of going after Sasuke. Creating a jutsu doesn't mean you're mature and the fact he used it while not knowing the repercussions of it is irresponsible. I'm not trying to offend anyone and if I did I'm sorry but this is how I feel about this fight.
Trio San Luis (5 days ago)
what episode is this?
The Legendary Hero (5 days ago)
32:17 Hiddan: I'm really f*cked up... The moment you think that you are f*cked up.
ozion jario Oliveira (5 days ago)
que lixo de desenho isso é um lixo capetado lixo lixo.
omer rawan (5 days ago)
شني السالفة ماكو عراقي يتابع ناروتو 🤔
fullm3tal90 (5 days ago)
I really wish Kakashi found some badass way to kill kakuza instead of some op naruto move
Adnan Dinata (5 days ago)
Naruto hebat banget ngeluarin rasenshuriken colllĺlllllllll
だよおら (5 days ago)
Ashwin Falleiro (5 days ago)
If only Naruto had Sage Mode then
Bent (5 days ago)
Dark Souls double boss fight
りこ様じゃが (5 days ago)
Julius Lopez (5 days ago)
so kakuzu is a haki user
M Vinicius (5 days ago)
Br 🇧🇷
Naruto Uzumaki (5 days ago)
Brandon Aiello (5 days ago)
With out the nine tailed beast he would be very weak i hate this from naruto
Matyas Fekete (5 days ago)
Why did kakuzu have to die?? :(
KILLAx BOOGIE (5 days ago)
Shikamaru the strategy god
Rafael Gonzales (6 days ago)
Ese man de la espada rara parece gay
Logical Reason (6 days ago)
I've never watched the show but those "clones" sure were fucking convenient more than once. I know it's all animated and all that, so they can do what they want, but even being "fake" it felt like the bad guys were over powered and the creators had to think of way for the good guys to cheat in order to win. This whole fight was very unsatisfying.
demon6937 (6 days ago)
So asuma is already slain in this part?
the RedFalcon (6 days ago)
Choji is so fucking useless 😅😅😅
Lil Yato (6 days ago)
One of the most logic and strategic fight i've ever seen..
Calvin Yee (6 days ago)
Damn Sakura is ass
Calvin Yee (6 days ago)
Penis is what Ino needs
Tom Whitington (6 days ago)
God this edit is fucking awful
Angello! R. (6 days ago)
You know, hidan weakness would be being top of water (like in the middle of an ocean or river). And since naruto characters can walk in water hidan jutsu will be useless.
The Real Deal (6 days ago)
"ArE yOu OkAy"
Steven LA (6 days ago)
That was too much blood for that lil ass scratch. Hidan should have known but he’s a dumbass.
Arkapravo Ray (6 days ago)
Jashin - sama...haha
I'm Dirty Dan (6 days ago)
41:00. Shikamaru is Kelvin Pena
MtxsOverwatch (7 days ago)
Ino is a big joke
Mr Snow (7 days ago)
13:12 anyone else laughed.
kojuro katakura (7 days ago)
Mr Snow (7 days ago)
Mr Snow (7 days ago)
I just watched Kakashi take too many L's. He still a boss.
Baker’ Rlo (7 days ago)
7:21 WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?
Salindya Saunders (7 days ago)
hmmmm very insterthing
EpicPlayzMC (7 days ago)
Some say to this day hidan is still in his hole
goofy_ te (7 days ago)
At least asuma daughter is op asf
Christian Payne (7 days ago)
You know what's funny? When Kakuzu attacks at 8:25 Ino says "That's right! They're taking advantage of his immorality" But it's not true. Later on during Itachi's backstory arc, we see that Kakuzu has actually killed two previous Akatsuki member's prior to Hidan, doing the exact same thing. So he doesn't actually care that Hidan is immortal, he would've done it regardless. So Hidan really is the perfect partner for him, because the Akatsuki can't afford to have Kakuzu keep killing their members.
Gabe Perras (7 days ago)
Youredits belong in the trash with the rest of Naruto
Carlos Alarcon (7 days ago)
How is it that they know how much a technique lasts? Do they have a watch? How do they know what time is it?
Ache Prime (8 days ago)
Just imagine if One of the Akatsuki came for reinforcement.😄😄 the 6th & 7th Hokage will be dead.
Johnmichael Sainz (8 days ago)
Torge /Hearei (8 days ago)
I dont wanted that Hidan died...he was one of the coolest characters
Aditya Prayoga (8 days ago)
How you can upload this video without copy right, Best Anime?
xxGLENxx (8 days ago)
Naruto: talk no jutsu Hidan: Trash Talk no jutsu
Hawaiian11 (8 days ago)
26:44 Hidan's scream is so beautiful!! Talented voice actor!!

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