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Ashen - Official E3 2017 Trailer (Xbox Conference)

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Ashen - E3 2017 Gameplay Demo Trailer (Xbox Conference) http://www.ashen-game.com/ Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (552)
wishweaver inx4763 (3 days ago)
Annapurna??😐😶🙄name of the salt company
whats with all this lowpoly games hype?
lilahk95 (5 months ago)
I really hope that the coop is local
SixPathsOfPein1987 (6 months ago)
xbox one shit xD
The Wielder (8 months ago)
Comment Section summery. 70% of the Comments: people calling the game a souls rip off because of a light and dark setting and a name that was announced before we knew about DS3's Ashen Undead. 20% of the comments: people complaining about the games art style, acting like graphics are the only thing that matter and acting like a bunch of entitled toddlers 10% of the comments: people actually looking at this game with an open minded perspective, hoping the game is good and trying to support the company. Aside from the last 10%. Here is what is wrong with the gaming community right now. Can we please try and do something about it
Ricky To (9 months ago)
is this game gonna be released for xbox only or will it also be released for ps4?
The Wielder (8 months ago)
Xbox and PC
Afraz Anosh (10 months ago)
Getting Endless feels
Oozaru85 (10 months ago)
Fuck, this looks boring. Does the game industry not produce any good adventure games anymore? Only this combat focused shit where you don't have to use your brain, just hack and slash? Geez, 2017 will be a shitty year for sophisticated gamers.
The Wielder (6 months ago)
We literally don't know anything about the combat yet and you're just calling it simple and boring, maybe if you look a little closer you might find games with a bit more depth. And "Sophisticated gamers?" Superiority complex much?
Two Mewtwos in Too-toos (10 months ago)
The creepiest things in this game are the player characters. Why don't they have faces?
Aryann (10 months ago)
they look the engineers from prometheus movie
JPin (10 months ago)
Dark Souls + Zelda.
Byte Boom (10 months ago)
Men with no faces.
Salim Osman (10 months ago)
Ashen One... U've had a child!?
BeyondOasys (10 months ago)
fuck u with u bad graph
david Delgadillo (9 months ago)
fuck you with a bad grammar.  jk tho
Zeronite (10 months ago)
... "The dark-" yep, its definitely souls inspired, i know it.
The Wielder (8 months ago)
I'm sorry. I didn't realize that having a story with a light and dark setting makes it a Souls ripoff. Then again. A game where you die even once is considered a Souls ripoff nowadays, so I don't know why I'm surprised
Anthony Prochaska (10 months ago)
lovewhispers68 (10 months ago)
Does anyone know the music used in the trailer?
Yesnier Merced (10 months ago)
This looks really cool
Jay WalkZ (10 months ago)
I'm already throwing my money toward the screen
shacman (10 months ago)
this trailer just gave me chills
Robert Blakely (10 months ago)
So, Little Nightmares meets Dark Souls? I'm down.
the son of a souls game with journey
Ethan Metcalf (10 months ago)
Xbox One only?
The Wielder (8 months ago)
Xbox and PC
Dredd Vader Wiedemann (10 months ago)
Prepare to die.
Puppy Thugmeister (10 months ago)
"Ashen one, bring me more so-" oh wait wrong game
Barsik kill (10 months ago)
Erzats Erz (10 months ago)
I want that!
Cristian Martin (10 months ago)
DArk soulsssssssssss
Robert Hipolito (10 months ago)
Absolver graphics & faceless characters
Adrien Meurice (10 months ago)
Nerf Yasuo
Daniel Vi Britannia (10 months ago)
\ [T] /
ammelia holloway (10 months ago)
My face is tired
VF2blaze (5 months ago)
Literally LOL
Mindset (10 months ago)
Is it by FROM tho..
Kristian Opeskin (10 months ago)
The aesthetics are amazing. Hope they don't screw up the story and gameplay.
Octavian Ciobica (10 months ago)
1:23 Yasuo, is that you ?
Authentic Max (10 months ago)
Sick n tired of this dark n light shit.
elevenf (10 months ago)
Xellar1993 (10 months ago)
Yasuo! Waht are you doing there ?!
Mivaz (10 months ago)
so the final boss is been reveal
Sam Lee (10 months ago)
souls city!!
DamMan (10 months ago)
For the Xbox360?
Malto (10 months ago)
is this dark souls with an abstract art design?
Marco Terranova (10 months ago)
this is pratically dark souls with the art direction of inside
KERO KEKE (10 months ago)
โอ๊ย น่าเล่นมาก
Patrick Palmeri (10 months ago)
do I hear the sound of co op dark souls?
Bob Salad (10 months ago)
this is awesome. the art style is just like torchlight I like it a lot
Antwain Jackson (10 months ago)
So dark souls after the end of the age of fire?
OneShallStandOneShallFall (10 months ago)
I can't wait to find something to cover my no face in that game
Taylor Lanson (10 months ago)
Light...something something. Dark...something something. Lightness and then darkness into a light-dark of darky light. Only then will the dark light be light enough to undark the lightish gray of darkness... Ambiguous mumbo jumbo that sounds epic and then more epic light dark jumbo mumboness. DARK SO- *AHEM* ASHEN
The Mysterious Stranger (10 months ago)
Is this what happens if you choose the end of fire ending
The Mysterious Stranger (10 months ago)
Dark souls with weird graphics and maybe not such shitty poise? I'm in.
Thang Vu (10 months ago)
absolver vibe tho.
Francisco Lopez (10 months ago)
Simple and beautiful graphics. That´s how I like my games.
ECamp77 (10 months ago)
absolver art style rip off
Vis (10 months ago)
this was announced before absolver was even in development
Chris Grosbeck (10 months ago)
I shit once
bloodrunsclear (10 months ago)
At all based on the Gamegear game?
xWick (10 months ago)
the dark souls story seems really similar to what ms. narrator is talking about
UkrGaz (10 months ago)
Say dark souls clone again motherfucker, I dare you, I double dare you
Animus Silica (10 months ago)
Actually, I suspected Dark Souls at the moment I've seen the thumbnail.
Frédéric Lehouillier (10 months ago)
So it's basically a dark souls rip off, all the way down to the fucking lore.
Drewphrase (10 months ago)
"Only, in truth... the Lords will abandon their thrones... And the Unkindled will rise..."
David Dou (10 months ago)
Looks like a cross between Inside, Dark souls and Morrowind
Austin Freetage (10 months ago)
This is basically dark souls just with a new design
Alpharius (10 months ago)
And as soon as this game releases. It'll be all negative reviews for not being Dark Souls "So much potential but Dark Souls was better" For the true gamers who wants an actual open world survival base building melee game. Our dreams have finally come true. Also Metro Exodus [For those who've read the novels and played the games] E3 2017 = Open World Games
Sad Panda (10 months ago)
Damn this looks promising :O
Thatrandomthing9 (10 months ago)
wtf is yasuo doing there
Arthur O. (10 months ago)
Are you sure this isn´t for nintendo Switch?
Derroquete (10 months ago)
sick of the cartoony artstyle in every single new game...
Padmmegh Ambrela (10 months ago)
Limbo got an upgrade
Dani Formoso (10 months ago)
oh cool, dark souls 1/4
Spider-Man (10 months ago)
Beelzenef (10 months ago)
more souls like games, just what everybody needs... this is not sarcasm
WARTHOGVANGUARD (10 months ago)
The ASHEN ONE?! Oh goddamnit you got my hopes up. Actually.... Wait, am I looking at the next toon Dark Souls? WOOOO These are new Ideas if I ever saw any! Guys? Is this the next Dark Souls? It may be new, but... I like it! hahaha!
Nosferatu Zodd (10 months ago)
looks a looooot like necropolis, hopefully less repetitive and more complex
Tubby Custard (10 months ago)
Runescape meets Dark souls ? Revv up those party hats
tang lover (9 months ago)
kinda looks like the forest meets dark souls, i like it a lot. can't wait for some gameplay.
Nothaut (10 months ago)
Exclusive DLC will be available at a Poundland/Dollar Store near you!
Amar Prasanth (10 months ago)
very pretty art style loved it
AzraelofAstora (10 months ago)
Dark souls
Spencer Smith (10 months ago)
Yasuo looks old
Chicken Mike (10 months ago)
I have no idea what this is about so I just say what I think: Dark Souls the Faceless Edition.
Geronimo D (10 months ago)
inb4 cancelled
Punnily (10 months ago)
Very dark soulsy vibe
Chvocht - (10 months ago)
Damn, you know it's gonna be a good Dark Souls spin-off, when your character dies already in the trailer.
Derangedxzombie (10 months ago)
Dark Souls handicapped younger brother
Jedijoshy (10 months ago)
That thing, your mustache, give it to me, for my lady's face..
ReyCone (10 months ago)
Watch em Estus Flasks appear
Sara Girard (10 months ago)
Review swim certainly changing silent serious button
Draackje DERP (10 months ago)
Now this looks like a good game
Couch Potatoh (10 months ago)
1:26 Yasuo looking pretty old.
Mexican.sunshine (10 months ago)
dark souls?
MegaAsant1 (10 months ago)
amazing game. amazing. xbox you killed it well done.
8-Bit-Relic (10 months ago)
Does that has something to do with the nGage game?
Filipe Nunes (10 months ago)
for a moment i thought this was the son of DS
Cheese Token (10 months ago)
Those graphics remind me of the opening to Game of Thrones, I love this game's art direction
Executive Sun God (10 months ago)
who else couldn't care less about this game
Executive Sun God (8 months ago)
Thanks for noticing. I think its good to give feed back.
The Wielder (8 months ago)
Apparently you care enough to comment
Ben Smith (10 months ago)
dark souls ?
Noble Nobull (10 months ago)
Art style is pretty cool.
Johnny Sasaki (10 months ago)
well darksouls but bad graphics...
Achwaq Khalid (10 months ago)
I thought this was #Absolver 🙃

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