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All 26 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update | Nintendo News

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This week 5 January 2018 Nintendo Switch got 23 new games announcements/rumors and 3 release date update. Which one of these games are you hyped for? ◆ 2 MUST WATCH ◆ (SURPRISE!) COMPLETE 32 NEW SWITCH GAMES FEBRUARY 2018 - https://youtu.be/zdgTemoFpDI 12 BIG GAMES CONFIRMED 2018 - http://youtu.be/lwPDh8yG_JQ -Games List in Pinned comments -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (8 months ago)
◆ DO NOT MISS ◆ (NEW!) COMPLETE 32 NEW SWITCH GAMES FEBRUARY 2018 - https://youtu.be/zdgTemoFpDI Nintendo Switch Eshop $50x3 Giveaway! - https://gleam.io/qwct5/100k-50-x-3-nintendo-eshop-giveaway - Games List 0:04 PixARK 0:58 Dead Cells 1:31 Those Who Remain 2:21 Castle of Heart 2:33 Mercenary Kings 3:23 Suicide Guy 4:13 Flinthook 5:03 Badass Hero 5:52 Wild Guns Reloaded 6:41 SteamWorld Dig 7:21 Rhythm Doctor 8:01 R.B.I. Baseball 18 8:31 7 Billion Humans 8:56 Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back 9:16 Miles & Kilo 9:42 Totes the Goat 10:02 Abyssrium 10:27 Mad Carnage 10:57 Millie - Unconfirmed / Rumors 11:25 Secret of Mana remake https://goo.gl/WFZSLf 12:07 Fortnite https://goo.gl/VwjKbB 12:49 RollerCoaster Tycoon https://goo.gl/5MC6om 13:11 Shadows of Adam https://goo.gl/qmy4WD - Release Date Update 13:47 World End Syndrome 13:57 Black Hole 14:12 Xeodrifter
Nor7hernWa7ch (7 months ago)
SwitchPlanet i want secret of evermore
braxton rheaume (8 months ago)
What is the game that you used for the thumbnail?
boi games (2 months ago)
Only good game is dead cells which I already have on pc...🙁
Dimka Dimka (6 months ago)
wimmoh (6 months ago)
james turner (6 months ago)
Dude you pick the lamest games ever to show nobody gives a fuck about pixel ganes
Human - Man (7 months ago)
3:01 That's aright up the MF Buster Sword.
Daniel Maia (7 months ago)
The Fortnite Cameron (7 months ago)
Pixark is World of Warcraft for people who don't play World of Warcraft
Durron 19 (7 months ago)
Also dead space
Preston Byington (7 months ago)
Goth Draagun (7 months ago)
Interesting games: PixARK, Dead Cells, Those Who Remain, Castle of Heart, Mercenary Kings, Flinthook, Bada** Hero, Wild Guns Reloaded, SteamWorld Dig, Miles & Kilo, Black Hole & Xeodrifter. Too bad most are digital because i don't support that.
Sasuke-kun (7 months ago)
Overwatch pls
Doginstine (7 months ago)
PixArk, Those Who Remain, and Suicide Guy look great!
nicolas ansieau (7 months ago)
fortnite !!
Crash OverRide (7 months ago)
Mercenary kings is contra force
LittleKlas AS (7 months ago)
I really hope they bring Mario Party to the switch this year. The very reason why I buy Switch.
itsnubz (8 months ago)
Click bait as shit
cody burt (8 months ago)
Some look like phone games, actually the one is a phone game, it was pretty cool but let’s see how this works out
Rusty Crestmore (8 months ago)
So much crap for such a high potential system
The Floridian Gent (8 months ago)
Besides Castle of Heart+Steamworld, everything looks like sh*t.
RikkyFenix (8 months ago)
Dead Cells Badass game
Manuel Alejandro (8 months ago)
Just a bunch of trailers of unconfirmed games tbh
MentallyillGentleman (8 months ago)
What about death road to canada
OPT1MU5 (8 months ago)
Not a DAMN thing worth buying
necro sadist (8 months ago)
No words only fucking indie
Merciles God (8 months ago)
Wild Guns Reloaded. Relive the nostalgia
ManofWords (8 months ago)
seriously FUCK ALL THIS PIXEL CRAP MAN wtf if i want to play games from 1930 i wil go to minigames.com or how ever its called stupid shit having retards meld like a hot knife on butter for nothing new its sad seriously if this continues i sell this console and wait for playstation or xbox to release one
Ethan Hall (8 months ago)
Wow... Nintendo went from releasing amazing games like skyrim breath of the wild Mario kart disgaea etc. And now all we are getting are 2d arcade games and mobile ports smh
Devilish Chap (8 months ago)
The Switch was announced as an indie friendly console - people are mad because indies are coming out lol wtf what did u expect?
Logan Aidan (8 months ago)
Just because they show off a bunch of 2D indie platformers doesn't mean you have to buy them or that's all the system has got.
Logan Aidan (8 months ago)
Fortniteeee whaaaaattttt
Mike Dayton (8 months ago)
How did a title like suicide guy get cleared seems like they are asking to have people offended.
Rainbow Panda (8 months ago)
Disappointing. Might sell my switch back if we keep getting indie and google play junk
One less lonely memer (8 months ago)
Nobody likes you
William Akatamolly (8 months ago)
Really tired of all the stupid/platform games Leave that shit for the 3ds Not the switch
Landon Miller (8 months ago)
Give me a shout out because I subscribe and turn on my notifications and I've been a subscriber for you for like 2 years now or whenever you started YouTube channel
Luke Gino (8 months ago)
Wow liking what I see. Great for on the move gaming.
Tiffany Chen (8 months ago)
all these mini games..... NS deserve better games.
Phillip Grigsby (8 months ago)
No. I don't want smash bros. to be on switch.😡
Cedric Cote (8 months ago)
Are they games for a cellphone or for the switch.... I'm confuse
Cedric Cote (8 months ago)
funny guy haha never thought of this one, I like it
funny guy (8 months ago)
Its for ur walkie talkie lol
Ban (8 months ago)
Didnt read
Cedric Cote (8 months ago)
Ban it seems you care you reply to me :D people that really don't care they don't reply because they don't care. But you sounds like an angry kid, it is ok.
Ban (8 months ago)
Nobody care about what you want or won't.
TheRvdjhacdc (8 months ago)
Badass Hero looked pretty good TBH. I like that it has hero progression.
shortazn97 (8 months ago)
While I personally do not want to buy 2D side scrolling platformers and stuff, I think people shouldn't be mad at more content for the Switch. There's games out there for everyone. Those of us that don't want to play 2D platformers -- which are arguable easier and faster to develop -- just need to wait a little patiently. We already have really solid games like BOTW and Mario for example.
Prodigy (8 months ago)
James C. Mileto yes there is an excuse, it takes far more then little less than a year to produce high end games.
shortazn97 (8 months ago)
I mean The Switch is still relatively new -- a lot of companies weren't sure if they wanted to put the money and effort to port their games over. We're gonna get solid games like Project Octopath Traveler and some Wii U ports like Bayo and Hyrule Warriors. I know people complain about ports but I really want these -- I never had a Wii U (barely anyone did) and these games deserve a second chance! They're solid games!
ManofWords (8 months ago)
yes ok but comeon dude the fucking games that do have good quality are games that are alrwady a year on playstation or xbox or pc thats dumb or bring it all together out or give uss new games without 2d
James Mileto (8 months ago)
shortazn97 EXACTLY. I didn’t spend $300 on a system to play half made indie games that look like 16 bit format. Some are good like Sonic Mania (obviously that was the intent) but there’s no excuse for there to be so little next gen games.
Kyahn Cho (8 months ago)
Eeew pixelated side scrolling games,...seriously? Why can't they make a game as good as Breath of the wild?
Patrick O Sullivan (8 months ago)
Super smash brows pleas
raul saa (8 months ago)
Fortnite pleaseee
NaciónFUTBOL (8 months ago)
That would be sick, but probably not gonna happen.
Sheldon Cooper81 (8 months ago)
Mercenary Kings looks like a Love Letter to the Metal Slug Games So does Badass Hero
Sebastien Fruity (8 months ago)
Physical release for the baseball thing which only 2 countries in the world are interested...
STOP 5X (8 months ago)
Pixark looked fun but it looks like trove and a bit of minecraft?
Wong Yip (8 months ago)
Is it really hard for Nintendo to port Wii U game while making big title game? I mean xenoblade x , Mario Maker are some awesome game instead of indie game
TehGhoSt WHo PLay (8 months ago)
Wong Yip enter the gungeon is great and escapist 2 so cant hate those
ChuyMane YT (8 months ago)
PS1 Master-class (8 months ago)
Man... I'm starting to care less and less about the switch. So many mostly 2D indie games, remakes, and digital games. It's so boring. Aside from me being disappointed with the pricing of remakes and ports, I'm disappointed with the technical performance. That's not a huge deal because gameplay will always matter more than graphics. But the hardware Ive had issues with too. Nothing major, but disconnects. Ive had the joy cons sliding off without pushing the release button. Had them sent in to get fixed, and boom. Doing again a few months later(same time frame). I'm about to just sell it, get an actual handheld, and stick with my PS4 and Scorpio.
Javier San (8 months ago)
PS1 Master-class Watch My mate Vince (not sure about the name), his video fixes some of the switch's main issues.
PS1 Master-class (8 months ago)
Yeah I'm excited for them. Hopefully they're as good as they can be. I'm actually most excited for Valkria Chronicles 4 and Y's VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Both are on PS4 as well, and the graphics shouldn't be too much to run on Switch for either. So as long as it doesn't short the content(Doom), I'll be happy. They told me this was a console that can be handheld, and it's very clear to me that it's not. It's a handheld that can hook up to your TV. Which is fine, but it's disappointing. Which was my whole point. When it launched, I was super excited. I've steadily gotten to care less and less while the competition has got me more and more interested.
Jamie Lishbrook (8 months ago)
PS1 Master-class your forgetting beyonetta 3 and metroid prime 4 are things
PS1 Master-class (8 months ago)
*You're and that doesn't matter. That was hardly the point of my comment. PLENTY of people have had little issues here and there. I'm willing to overlook stuff like that if the software is great because that's what matters most in a gaming system. Sadly, every month just gets me less and less excited. It's a decent system, but it's also way behind on a current performance level. I finally realized it when I paid $60 for Doom($20 on PS4 and Scorpio); and it ran like a early ps3 game, and also had plenty of sound glitches from multiple sources. It was ok, but I can't believe it was $60. Then I see the latest direct, and it's just a bunch of ports and overhauled franchises that we see every Nintendo generation. Then there is Labo which I would never get for me or my kid. The last thing I'm doing is putting a tablet in cardboard to use as a toy. That's a terrible idea. The point of the comment is that I was excited when it launched, and had a lot of fun for a few months. Now... it just feels like a port fest for more money. Rocket League, Skyrim, Doom, Bayonetta 2, all these indie titles that are years old like Cave Story. Then a ton of digital titles. Even the games I like the best are just ports. Rayman Legends and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Mario + Rabbids was fantastic. That's the best exclusive by far. It's like... the only exclusive though. lol. I know I know... Mario Odyssey... It was ok. I would rather play 2D mario or Sunshine though.
Jamie Lishbrook (8 months ago)
Your like one of only a very small handful of people having issues like that
cold cuts (8 months ago)
Is anyone else not enthusiastic about all of these bullshit 2d sidescrollers being called "switch games"? I want some real goddamn content..
james turner (6 months ago)
cold cuts like for real mate I want some call of duty gay fuck this bullshit
iRETRO (7 months ago)
cold cuts .. probably enthused for about 2-5% of all 2d releases on ps4 and switch.
Manuel Alejandro (7 months ago)
Akash Agrawal the thing is, those games are the minority. Low quality stuff is faster to make so I guess that's why there are more (?)
Akash Agrawal (7 months ago)
While everyone has their own preferences, calling side scrollers not creative is plain wrong. For instance, if you own a pc or xbox, try out ori and the blind forest to see how a side scroller can really nail everything one generally looks for in a game.
Manuel Alejandro (8 months ago)
David K (8 months ago)
it is sad, is like new game on iphone..... when will something good come out
Fernando Jimenez (8 months ago)
yassssss im loving the library, 2D and pixel games are my fav. Seriously I wish Marvel VS Capcom 2 was ported into the switch, then my life would be complete.
Nameless King (8 months ago)
im so hype on indie games... 😂
Wong Yip (8 months ago)
Too Much indie game....Too Much
xvillian (8 months ago)
im soo fuxking happy i didn't get a switch
TehGhoSt WHo PLay (8 months ago)
xvillian said the little boy who cry when he get fucked in any game also i wonder why the switch is selling so fast oh wait because it not only kid it actually adult buying it and playing please stop being a hater with the "Nintendo is for kiddy" roast it not even a reason
TehGhoSt WHo PLay (8 months ago)
xvillian #Your worthless end your self you hater #Whoinvited this guy #I cant take this guy seriously
TehGhoSt WHo PLay (8 months ago)
xvillian oh next gen gaming that nice with the microtransation and lack of story truly amazing.
XyntrK (8 months ago)
Spicy is such a looser who hurt you infant? 🤔
xvillian (8 months ago)
DennisCastro100 your father should of left you on a bed sheet to dry
Jamie Lishbrook (8 months ago)
Oh hell yeah! Roller coaster tycoon is back!
Jamie Lishbrook (8 months ago)
raynaldo arlen k.eman seriously? Man that aint right lyin to everyone. Thanks a lot EA first you started a trend with micro transactions now you started one for lying. WHEN WILL THE BS END?
raynaldo arlen k.eman (8 months ago)
just dont get your hope up too much the kickstarter is to import a mobile game version of RCT not the original one, the other one is made by RCT original designer they also planning to importing to switch
Jamie Lishbrook (8 months ago)
raynaldo arlen k.eman dude man. Don't crap on peoples hope man
raynaldo arlen k.eman (8 months ago)
no its not what they make is a scam its RCTW
Swiss Lets play (8 months ago)
CR Web Studio (8 months ago)
Wild Guns Reloaded!!!!
Emmanuel Rosado (8 months ago)
I was looking forward to the game in the video picture, but I didn't see anything like it. Did I miss it?
itsnubz (8 months ago)
Emmanuel Rosado no they click baited
JCookie (8 months ago)
Definitely gonna check Pixark & 7 billion humans out among some other games
Hell on Earth Animation (8 months ago)
Castle of heart looks pretty intriguing and I hope to god fortnight gets ported
Ben Swolo (8 months ago)
Would not mind pix ark, regular ark would just internally destroy the switch
Marky Mark (8 months ago)
Any rumors on steam world sig collection for switch? See more then likely since theyte bringing the 1st to the eshop right?
Marky Mark (8 months ago)
Mercenary kings!!
AJ The RPG gamer (8 months ago)
please be bravely third
kenakaren (8 months ago)
Only Those Who Remains peeks my interest, it looks soooooo good and the kind of game I love.
Epic Sans (8 months ago)
Who wants fornite !?
Steven Wood (7 months ago)
Jeeses99 yes finally someone alike yes indeed Fortnite is trash and repetitive "totally original game"
Jeeses99 (7 months ago)
Don't want that cancer on my Switch. That piece of trash game can stay on trash consoles like Ps4 and Xbox one
funny guy (8 months ago)
Epic Sans that b a console seller for sure
John34 cm (8 months ago)
Cartoon games
ZONEX HAVEN (8 months ago)
Nothing interesting in my opinion.
yonatan vaz (8 months ago)
pnut84 (8 months ago)
Remove the indie games and you get a whole bunch of nothing.
TehGhoSt WHo PLay (8 months ago)
DennisCastro100 XDDD
Cup Head and Outlast sent a hello ;)
DennisCastro100 (8 months ago)
How far did you spread your ass checks for EA to fuck you?
James Keith Tampus (8 months ago)
Indie games is equivalent to nothing.
Donald Dump (8 months ago)
All shit games
Squishy bubble (8 months ago)
I really want to know when hollow knights coming out its killing me
Matteo-Wail GRAMA (8 months ago)
Fake for fortnite
INGSOC (8 months ago)
Way too many crappy 2d games....thats why I hate unity, blender and other software packages becoming easy to obtain.
Jorge Meza (8 months ago)
A lot of super nintendo games
daddy fatsacks79 (8 months ago)
What the f@ck with these musical games! They lost me after the horror game
Best Gamers Of The Week (8 months ago)
Pubg on switch
Sorbi (8 months ago)
Fortnite would be awesome
Chaddillinger (8 months ago)
Its Nintendo Switch or Sega Master System...
EL BUBY (8 months ago)
Puro juegos 2D que saquen juegos aaa
Johnny Boy (8 months ago)
12:59 "Please don't" haha nice
bioarmor79 (8 months ago)
Are any of these games gonna have physical releases?
Matt levy (8 months ago)
Those who remain ..... Intrigued.
Raul Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Are we 90s and 2000s kids the only ones that like 2D games? Lol
Myung Kou Kang (8 months ago)
PixArk looks like a poor man's version of Ark Survival. Fortnite? They could've asked Bethesda to port Fallout 4 instead.
Jo Han (8 months ago)
That intro is so epic
Xray_534 (8 months ago)
isnt miles and kilo a kidtripp clone???
Sleepy Skrub (8 months ago)
Before you comment remember, your opinion is wrong. :]
marksapollo (8 months ago)
Rubbish rubbish rubbish then Fortnite! Then more rubbish..
Super Tatos (8 months ago)
James Keith Tampus (8 months ago)
Well as always trashy game.. LOL!
Gamer1Wolf (8 months ago)
Secret of Mana on the switch will be great.
chaos control (8 months ago)
Viewtiful joe, and kingdom hearts 1.5+2.5, and rampage
Lewis Petit (8 months ago)
Nindies, nindies, nindies... what a ton of shit
Sho Oz (8 months ago)
omg fortnite
Sorin P. (8 months ago)
I’m glad for Dead Cells and... that’s it.
Lygalos Nerghoul (8 months ago)
/cry, more absolute cheap ass junk games
Nintendo Brad (8 months ago)
Sweet releases coming..Fucc atari

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