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10 Things Venom Can Do That Carnage Can't

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SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD There’s no doubt that comic book character Eddie Brock is infinitely stronger when he’s fused with an alien symbiote. But even though Venom got his own movie, it seems as if Carnage is right behind him. At the end of the Venom movie we saw actor Woody Harrelson portraying Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who fuses with an alien symbiote known as Carnage. While Carnage is stronger than its parent symbiote, there are some ways in which Venom comes out ahead. Let’s just say being attached to Eddie Brock isn’t as bad as it might seem sometimes. We’ll let you know some of the most shocking things Venom is capable of that Carnage just can’t do. Which one of the alien symbiotes is your favorite? Whether it’s Venom, Carnage, or someone else, make sure to tell us in the comment section. Before you go, click on the subscribe button for more videos from CBR. Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/CBR https://www.facebook.com/ComicBookResources https://plus.google.com/+ComicBookResources Our Website https://www.cbr.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (420)
Wow I wonder what carnage would look like in the venom sequel
Jimmy Tran (11 days ago)
Old venom but smaller meaning cut up you can tell by the eye venom is the new symbiote from carnage flash’s venom symbiosis died with his heartattack
Emily Tobias (14 days ago)
Spider man
TremzzCut (25 days ago)
Carnage can Camouflage vut Venom can turn completely invisible
Black Night (1 day ago)
Venom is way better than carnage
INFERNO KID (2 days ago)
Well he's obviously riot jr because he can do the same thing as riot
Ezra Guadron (2 days ago)
Riot is so cool
Ezra Guadron (2 days ago)
I would vote for riot
now do RIOT vs carnage
intergalactic gaming (3 days ago)
For the venom movie they should have an uncut version of it
Vintage Vinny DIY (3 days ago)
Able to move past a (hiccup) ? You mean totally fuck up a story! Where is Brock’s blonde hair ? Why did you use Rey mysterious jr as Brock ? Oh wait that’s Tom Hardy.. Who the fuck is Tom Hardy anyway?How does Venom look like Spider-Man but never met him? Brock was a big man this is why Venom is portrayed as being bigger than spidey and carnage height weight and muscle mass. Spidey high school/college nerd ..Cassidy was very skinny framed with longer than normal limbs. For Christ sake the guy that played sandman in the 3rd film from Sony looked more like an Eddie Brock than Hardy. They fucked this movie up. Continuity is non existent ...Not to mention they made Venom a ( loser) on his own planet ? Wtf? I can’t even process this shit show of a film. Ruined a very big piece of my childhood ...Marvel encyclopedia...I have one...tells you everything about venom origin and existence powers love life everything....So this movie is trash they did what they wanted to instead of doing 20 minutes of research.
Vintage Vinny DIY (3 days ago)
gamingwhitefox35586 (3 days ago)
Z gamer (4 days ago)
Carnage will get his own movie it will be rated R but in the same series not that hard fuck tard
Quintin Edwards (4 days ago)
the zz squad (4 days ago)
venom eats people omg what the hell
VENOM Symbiote (8 days ago)
Venom is stronger
Terminator : (8 days ago)
Joshua Helf (10 days ago)
venom being pg1 means that more people are allowed to watch it
BossCD LG G (10 days ago)
I honestly wonder who would win? Venom or Carnage I personally think venom would win (Note I am not biased they are both my favorite marvel characters)
Pikachu Charizard (10 days ago)
Jaxon Park (10 days ago)
Tyler Church (10 days ago)
The symbiot I'm rooting for is toxin he has the whole package he's got all the abilities of his predecessors making him lethal but he's nowhere near evil he'd much rather do good so he's the obvious best symbiot and I can't help but root for this symbiot
MylesGamerLIVE! (11 days ago)
Venom and Carnage I love ❤️ them both.
Be the color black
DeeRent (11 days ago)
Wait what? You said Cletus and karnage are objected in a cellular level and they cannot separate and then you’re very next goooc gig talk about how they have separated and can connect to others but karnage is weaker.
Weedboy (11 days ago)
Number 1 say the N word
Jimmy Tran (11 days ago)
Eddy Brock was spiderman 2099 generation venom and Spider-Man university blue venom come and battle black venom born from symbiotic home and asteroids
kingboyty clutch (11 days ago)
kingboyty clutch (11 days ago)
Venom is the best
Kőnig Ricsi (12 days ago)
Waching is Carnage film 2019
Marcus Santoyo (12 days ago)
So, Venom can, "home" and Carnage can't? Damn, that sucks.
Drew Rahimi (12 days ago)
I clicked the video because of the title but I should have known it was trash when it said it was made by cbr.
Ragnarok (12 days ago)
You kinda forgot that in a loooot of comics, Carnage is actually the spawn of Venom. And that's why he is stronger. Then Carnage has a son called "Toxin" that is even stronger. That's the rule. The spawn of a symbiote will be stronger than the original.
TheSword Assassin (12 days ago)
Venom is PG15
PierreTheGreat One (12 days ago)
This is repetitive you're basically saying the same things over and over again...
Cubing Mania !!! (12 days ago)
Carnage can’t do sanity, home, partnership, separate, big screen, fans,
hellothere (12 days ago)
Knull r the strongest
Isaac West (12 days ago)
In the comics, Venom di become a hero, but was prone to villainous acts.
Jake Kaznak (12 days ago)
Great video but venom was 1988 not 1998
GoldenBoy (12 days ago)
10 Things Venom Can Do That Carnage Can't: Home. He can't do home.
Ty Blue (12 days ago)
#1 Say nigga
JarquaTV (12 days ago)
Jose A Carmona (12 days ago)
leong soonteck (12 days ago)
these are NOT what venom can do, it is what venom HAS tht carnage dont
Sith Spirit (12 days ago)
Venom won against every symbiote, good guy ;)
floramae lubon (12 days ago)
venom and spiderman are cool
Supreme 12191 (12 days ago)
Vernon will throw him in the fire
Julio Gonzalez (12 days ago)
number one, say nigga
Elvis gettemy (13 days ago)
My favorite is Carnage
SCORPION King (13 days ago)
Venom isn’t better than Carnage, as he is the offspring of Venom, and the offspring is always more powerful.
Owen Barraclough (13 days ago)
I'll tell you, he can look more badass.
SirGecko (13 days ago)
“Heroics” Yeah no shit Sherlock
shaul (13 days ago)
Zionkarma Chirimi (13 days ago)
Venom is my only favourite simbiote
Lucky Anthony Zulueta (13 days ago)
There is only one thing that Venom can do that Carnage Can't. Venom can F*** Your Wives, Long Dick Style!!!
anushree kadam (13 days ago)
carnage suck venom is awesome
the Hammonds (13 days ago)
christian henry (13 days ago)
Well this is a big factor venom became anti-venom and he's more powerful than any of the symbiotes because he can heal and cure diseases as well as use the negative effects of his powers.
Ayye Bk (13 days ago)
_.dr3ew._ -insta (13 days ago)
This is so misleading 🙄
Sassy The Sasquatch (13 days ago)
Basically 10 character traits that venom has but carnage doesnt
dare 1375 (13 days ago)
Björn Snellman (14 days ago)
We! Are Venom!
John Harris (14 days ago)
*Venom is so much better than Carnage*
danny Bryant (14 days ago)
10. Call his host a pussy
Dat_Epic_Stuff (14 days ago)
Where do they come from in the universe
Lorcan Cavanagh (14 days ago)
In Ireland venom was 15a
IrkSomeUncle3838 (14 days ago)
This video is about venom can do I don’t home is something you can do
Larry Dunlap (14 days ago)
Venom is my favorite symbiote
Nik Son (14 days ago)
Number 1: have a movie
alvaro alas (15 days ago)
venom is so badass fuck the joker he's a stupid clown
Irae Wolph (15 days ago)
they gonna taste my VENOM VENOM VENOM VENOM
Anjas Sulistyawati (15 days ago)
If carnage was that powerful, how about venom team up with spiderman to beat carnage??
Lewis Cherry (15 days ago)
In England venom is a 15 I’m sad i can’t watch it
shirllgoku (15 days ago)
your wrong, carnage was not orginially insane since he bonded with crazy hosts he became insane.
Glarius (16 days ago)
Venom 3 villains? 1. Lasher 2. Toxin 3. Knull If it would be Knull then Brock should get the anti venom to defeat Knull, since Knull the god of symbiotes.
jorge de leon (17 days ago)
venom is best venom can chop heads and that freaking and am a kid and i told my dad this look dad you that venom toy that and i want and he said yes so i wanted to be nice so am be good at school
Owen Sullivan (19 days ago)
Legion Iscariot (20 days ago)
Damn thought it was a list of useful things.
Connor Stephen (20 days ago)
I know it sounds impossible but I want anti venom whether it’s as Eddie or as flash Thompson
Yaniv Kano-Feigenbaum (20 days ago)
HumanHybrid (20 days ago)
‘Carnage is too violent for a movie’ the joker is just as violent and is getting a movie which will probs be PG 13
fire boy (21 days ago)
ThunderForce YT (21 days ago)
I love venom I think he’s better than carnage idk but he is op he is an op symbiote
rosenmichael123 (21 days ago)
ThunderForce YT We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
HARDCORE JORO (21 days ago)
MisterX867 (21 days ago)
Actually Cletus made the symbiote insane, since his insane mind bonded to it just moments after it was born.
Willy Matthes (21 days ago)
I like scream
spider tuxedo boy (21 days ago)
Venom can say nigga Carnage cant
daniel zuver (21 days ago)
These are all so dumb wow carnage cant have a nice emotian XD DUMMEST THING I HEARD also carnage is better then venom without a question
Hullucid (21 days ago)
paintedghost (21 days ago)
Carnage is made from Spider-Man and venoms mixed DNA so if that’s not included I won’t be happy
Marco Santana (21 days ago)
Thor never fought knull.. he fought his pet...
rosenmichael123 (20 days ago)
yes yes, We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers. We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
Marco Santana (20 days ago)
Well that took my mind off of work stress.
rosenmichael123 (21 days ago)
Marco Santana We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
TBubble10120 (22 days ago)
This should be called 10 things venom has that carnage doesn’t
rosenmichael123 (21 days ago)
We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
LightOcean (22 days ago)
I will say that the movie is not pg13 it is pg15
ChillaystiKz (22 days ago)
Kick Superman’s ass?
rosenmichael123 (21 days ago)
We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
Gororcogaming (22 days ago)
carnage can also have another host right ? didnt the carnage symbiote bond with green goblind a while ago to create the red goblin
rosenmichael123 (21 days ago)
Gororcogaming We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
ApaTai (22 days ago)
i now know why this shit only gets 120k views, cause its pure shit
Justin Martin (22 days ago)
Lol I feel like they never read a comic. I'd hardly say that Eddie Brock's venom is an anti-hero. The movie although not as bad as I thought it'd be, did not accurately portray venom and I feel like all his knowledge was based on that movie.
Tywreckogaming (22 days ago)
Venom's movie is kind of a let down to me.I thought it was going to be awesome.
Tristan Halimf (22 days ago)
Riot Please please
Shadew Shadew (22 days ago)

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