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Top 10 PS4 EXCLUSIVES of 2016 You Might Not Know About

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Text Comments (628)
Prydonian13 (1 year ago)
NieR is on steam for PC, so not PS4 exclusive. (Looks good though!)
Mr M.A (1 year ago)
That last game is like a Japanese version of devil may cry lol
chemotherapy12 (1 year ago)
Harasho Finale LOL
AI Finale (1 year ago)
Devil May Cry is a japanese version of Devil May Cry
TonyRedgrave1 (2 years ago)
Nier Automata is a must buy....the creator behind nier made the Drakengard series which spawned the first nier game....the games are fucked up story wise....there is a trend in all of his games....There is no such thing as a happy ending
kttsflips (2 years ago)
that "Great sound track" gave me cancer : |
Moises Castro (2 years ago)
Forgot the new Crash Bandicoot!
Ecton Asmr (2 years ago)
Sorry. About the Digimon game, you say "sony's console has never seen/had a monster collecting game???!........ So all of the other digimon games that came out on other playstations, they don't count do they? Also what about Jade Caccon which came out on the PS1 and the sequel on PS2?! You didn't say Sony PS4 you said Sony console.
KoonAgueroAgnis (2 years ago)
He said console not consoles. Since this is a PS4 video it should be obvious he's talking only about current gen.
PlayerOne (2 years ago)
dint knew we will have another Nier game, loved first one. Too bad i dislike these new gen consoles...
spock_elvis (2 years ago)
Firewatch is NOT a PS4 exclusive you idiot! It's being released on PC.
Rikudo Sennin (2 years ago)
They should release on all platforms but thats never going to happen when all they want is your cash
thr_Darthias (2 years ago)
Firewatch is not a PS4 exclusive
Jonathon (2 years ago)
Yes you sparked my interest in NIER Automata going to have to look that up.
Mamali K (2 years ago)
NieR: Automata <3
William Zelaya (2 years ago)
Great looking games!
89HouseMusic (2 years ago)
I'm very impressed about quality graphics!
BEast Sauce (2 years ago)
Hey! Where is Bloodborne??
BEast Sauce (2 years ago)
Hey! Where is Bloodborne??
Ghost in The shell (2 years ago)
I will buy gravity rush 2, neir 2 and nioh
Aborted Fetus (2 years ago)
Is alienation on PC too?
Rainbow Dashtruction (2 years ago)
Digimon is not exclusive to PS4. Its also on vita, which was is blatantly the games primary system.
KP-48 (2 years ago)
firewatch isn't exclusive dumbass
Ranshaton Yaj (2 years ago)
If u want to be a badass samurai and learn the way of a ninja without hard training then play nioh.
stephen tapia (2 years ago)
where is killing floor 2 ???
deboozombie23 (2 years ago)
I'm sry but some of those game are not ps4 exclusive as they are released for PC as well.
BigGuyHuh (2 years ago)
Firewatch... Ps4 exclusives...
Cansın Demirbey (2 years ago)
Put a list.
Martijn Hoogmoed (2 years ago)
Firewatch isn't a PS4 exclusive. But... whatever :P
Smug Hat Kid (2 years ago)
Great, 2 MORE games I want but can't have because fuck...
Dai Ko (2 years ago)
But the witness is on steam...
PuppyLuvU2 (2 years ago)
Nioh currently has a demo out to play, its hard as hell but extremely fun
maddoggnick96 (2 years ago)
I loved the original NieR, and the next one looks really cool too. I think the only other game I would have mentioned (though I'm not sure if it's confirmed for a 2016 release) is Ni No Kuni 2.
Pow Pow Wink (2 years ago)
For those who played the original Nier does it play like Devil May Cry and other games of that type, because I'm thinking about getting Nier Automata if it plays anything like that.
Giorgos Abso (2 years ago)
very promising list indeed. although firewatch did turn out to be a major disappointment imo.
Devin Barber (2 years ago)
Good game recommendations... but I don't think you know what the word "exclusive" means.
Layonel Melendez (2 years ago)
nier too high
Mitzos SirReal (2 years ago)
firewatch is pure shit
Johan Fredriksson (2 years ago)
I think I read exclusives... Don't think it is though... Fire Watch?
Mithra (2 years ago)
"Gravity Rush was one of the _only_ games on the Playstation Vita" FTFY
AverageSoul (2 years ago)
the witness is not exclusive for ps4
furyberserk (2 years ago)
For those who don't know, Nier was a game about video games. It had a bit of every genre in it except maybe platforming and possibly racing. I enjoyed it once I noticed it.
Alex (2 years ago)
Missing persona 5 :o
Lee Yik Wei (2 years ago)
RandomGamerDiana (2 years ago)
Oh. Gravity Rush! Loved that game. And I'm waiting for the sequel for almost 3 or more years. And ratchet. My childhood..
Davis Arend (2 years ago)
Great list dude, I am so glad someone is paying attention to all these underrated gems. Funny, back when this list was published who would have imagine the resounding success of an underdog like Digimon Cyber Sleuth.
Viper (2 years ago)
Soundtrack of Niah Automato sound like pure bullshit. Rest of the list is fine for me.
aqua bizarre (2 years ago)
gravity rush not wonky on ps vita imo
stuntbounce (2 years ago)
That awkward moment when he lets you listen to that Nier 2 music
niklas hollstein (2 years ago)
Fuck you idiot :P The witness is out for pc as well as firewatch and no mans sky will be out for pc LEARN YOUR SHIT Why did the console peasant cross the rode ? To render the buildings on the other side :P
gamerx z (2 years ago)
amir hosen (2 years ago)
what about no man sky
Aaron Wise (2 years ago)
The 124 haters are Xbox one fans
Michael Blackkatt (2 years ago)
very informative and professional done, thnx.
partyboy317 (2 years ago)
Um...The Last Guardian
Karanthaneos (2 years ago)
+partyboy317 Um... The title of the video
PsyMongazoid (2 years ago)
I guess if I were ten some of these games might look interesting.
Adam Bluebear (2 years ago)
I can't wait for the Neir game ! It looks so awesome! Maybe all go pick up the first one while I wait!^__^
daniel sims (2 years ago)
What is the song playing in the background throughout the video?
ClownDisguised (2 years ago)
Emmm... Firewatch.... definitely not PS4 exclusive.
Robotnik (2 years ago)
I'm buying/pre-ordering NieR: Automata as soon as it's available. That game is gonna be great, I trust Platinum Games a lot.
Robotnik (2 years ago)
Thank you, but I'd rather wait until it's available in GAME. c:
Fullmetal Gamer (2 years ago)
+Key of Heart You can preorder Nier: Automata on Amazon right now. http://www.amazon.com/NieR-Automata-PlayStation-4/dp/B00ZS6FY0W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459488500&sr=8-1&keywords=nier+automata
FreeRPGer (2 years ago)
Gravity Rush 2 & Nier: Automata are day one purchases, for sure ... and maybe Nioh -- waiting for dates to pre-order.
Mangnivox V2 (2 years ago)
Q: Should I switch to PS4 And Annihilate my Xb1?
schram21891 (2 years ago)
I really want to play Nioh. This is the first I have heard of it.
PS1 Master-class (2 years ago)
I didn't. I actually played it almost every day when the demo was out. Got extremely excited for it.
Rainbow Dashtruction (2 years ago)
In case you missed the demo. Ni-Oh is fucking excellent and plays even better then shown.
schram21891 (2 years ago)
I think Ratchet and Clank is exciting, but ranked a little high. Overall though, it was hard not to get a LITTLE excited for every game on the list. Especially if you are an eclectic type gamer like myself.
Btw u forgot Hellblade is perfection if it really comes this year i also plan to get deep down if it doesn't come free and be released this year by capcom they take so long..
I know how u feel.. the games i will get in 2016 are Nier Automata , Horizon , Dark souls 3 , Star ocean 5 , Final fantasy 15 , hellblade , gravity rush 2 , Final fantasy 7 remake if it really comes this year.. But every game i want takes so long it pisses me off i want them so bad about Nioh Shadow warrior 2 and matterfall and more ive been thinking i might just rent them since im not very hype about them even though they look awesome i really want every game but im not a sugar daddy or something but il try to get them all ..
SkullJester (2 years ago)
kingdom under fire 2?
Volpe (2 years ago)
Tatsujin (2 years ago)
man i was getting hyped up for final fantasy xvi ....... shit, got my hypes too high.
LakusL Hah (2 years ago)
Please tell me the weapons are floating on the back of the girl in Nier because of lore reaons? There is no excuse to have that shitty design in a 2016 game.
Domnic Neo (2 years ago)
Firewatch is released for PC right so could be a Timed Exclusive for PS4?
AlmightyStarfire (2 years ago)
Ratchet & clank hits April 12th!? But... but... but dark souls 3!? NOOOOOO!!!
Safwan Kazi (2 years ago)
sharebear421 (2 years ago)
Ps4 needs more JRPGs and less of these indie games. Dragon quest 11 will be a nice start but that's a long ways off. Bring back suikoden, grandia, xenogears or legend of dragoon. Maybe a new shadow hearts game?
carl sanders (2 years ago)
looking forward to nier..played the original lots of enemies and weopons.
The Witness and Firewatch are also on PC. Not on Xbox One =/= PS4 exclusive.
super 95 (2 years ago)
never heard of any of these games and I already want to play more than half of them.
tony carlyon (2 years ago)
firewatch on pc
tony carlyon (2 years ago)
the witness is on pc
Rezuvious (2 years ago)
Nioh and Nier interest me, i played nier on my 360, don't really remember the story but i played the entire game so i must have liked it.
solaceoceanwave999 (2 years ago)
PS4 RULES!!!!!! That is all.
Bayorgasmic (2 years ago)
I am absolutely ecstatic about NieR: Automata and Gravity Rush 2.
Star Wars Ghost (2 years ago)
I'm excited for Ratchet and Clank. But also for ABZU and Wild. Which were not mentioned in this video. Check out the trailers for these 2 games, as they are pretty amazing
Lunar Blossom (2 years ago)
Wow Nier Automata is coming out this year? I expected it to be a next year release, well that's definitely awesome news! Just for anyone wondering though there were actually two previous Nier games, Nier Replicant was indeed a PS3 exclusive but it's only in Japanese. The localized version is called Nier Gestalt (just Nier really) and is also on the Xbox 360. They are really the same game, the main difference being the main character's age and relationship with the female lead. Even though, like he said, it's probably not necessary to play the original before Automata (just like it wasn't at all necessary to play Drakengard before Nier), I still think in this case it'll be a good idea. I'm sure there will be a good amount of references, and either way it's a great game :)
Bayorgasmic (2 years ago)
+Lunar Blossom Yep, they are aiming for a 2016 release. I can't wait to see more on the game in April.
Dracleos (2 years ago)
digimon cypersleuth is no ps4 exclusive
ShivaGames (2 years ago)
Ive watched a little bit of playthrough of the original Nier, and I have to say I'm really stoked for the new one. :) Cant wait to get my hands on it.
tjwoosta (2 years ago)
Uhh.. the witness and firewatch are not ps4 exclusive, they are on pc too.
Mitzos SirReal (2 years ago)
+tjwoosta also they are both shitty games
Kevin Villa GAMER (2 years ago)
2016 sucks for ps4...
jean jacques (2 years ago)
Ratchet and Clank seems amazing
ComradeBunji (2 years ago)
fire watch isn't an exclusive.....
Claptrap CL4PTP (2 years ago)
Ratchet and Clank <3 Fuck yeaaaah
Alienshade (2 years ago)
Darkest dungeon its coming to ViTa!!!
thrice1987 (2 years ago)
I don't think matterfall is gonna be a AAA retail game but something more like the latest Strider.
betonman9 (2 years ago)
damn that alienation looks stellar
Kly (2 years ago)
Nier wasn't that unpopular it's just that the idea of having a game that is from a set of two where one of both isn't released outside of JP is not as appealing as it sounds, even if people are told that the games are not a sequel of each other or anything, its bad marketing thats what it is, no one wants to play a game from a new IP that is trying to alienate itself. Just so they can fall in love with the IP and then die of disappointment after years of waiting for the other game and not being ported.
Hattan Sh (2 years ago)
some of these are not ps4 exclusives man
Ali Khondakar (2 years ago)
Can't wait to get my hands on Nioh, I was always big fan of samurais
Bill Stewart (2 years ago)
Firewatch... You would think it would have a very interesting plot, but...
Braylan Black (2 years ago)
too bad firewatch sucked
Atlas Lucifer King (2 years ago)
A lot of these aren't ps4 exclusives
drinkyourtea (2 years ago)
Firewatch wasn't a ps4 exclusive though.
BLARAN Gaming (2 years ago)
dammit man, now I have to buy a PS4
Chill & Let Chill (2 years ago)
Automaata ! YIS. Pumped for reals on this list. Good call.

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