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Top 25 Best Xbox One Games Of All Time

2734 ratings | 331201 views
Presenting the best Xbox One’s video games so far, the highest-rated titles released for the current Xbox console. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below: * Dark Souls III ($59.99) https://goo.gl/TCmXpQ * Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition ($59.99) https://goo.gl/gWS1Si * DiRT Rally ($59.99) https://goo.gl/GvJCxn * Dishonored 2 ($59.99) https://goo.gl/SRctRD * Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition ($59.99) https://goo.gl/vdtGUS * Doom ($59.99) https://goo.gl/UWRul9 * Fallout 4 ($59.99) https://goo.gl/BD01En * Forza Motorsport 6 ($59.99) https://goo.gl/txd8P5 * Grand Theft Auto V ($59.99) https://goo.gl/OIj2Yr * Madden NFL 16 ($59.99) https://goo.gl/e4EYIg * Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ($59.99) https://goo.gl/ekx52S * Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor ($49.99) https://goo.gl/lImQ9H * Minecraft ($19.99) https://goo.gl/jeNQYl * Mortal Kombat XL ($59.99) https://goo.gl/TXh1B8 * NBA 2K17 ($59.99) https://goo.gl/FotkEM * Ori and the Blind Forest ($19.99) https://goo.gl/tsgTIS * Overwatch https://goo.gl/0eGxqz * Resident Evil 7 Biohazard ($59.99) https://goo.gl/Thh4ya * Rocket League ($19.99) https://goo.gl/bqAtuC * Titanfall 2 ($59.99) https://goo.gl/M5301X * Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ($29.99) https://goo.gl/NyKhXX * Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ($59.99) https://goo.gl/QvO077 whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (607)
rita say (7 days ago)
Shisui Uchiha (8 days ago)
Bro we're is halo and superhot looks gay
Martijn Hoekstra (14 days ago)
Great video!
PrimeGaming 513 (17 days ago)
Biased against halo games
Evan Wick (18 days ago)
lol this chick cant enunciate words with shit
FuzionMagnus (19 days ago)
Where's the rainbow six siege? Huh?
Bittoo Sahani (20 days ago)
no game like def jam fight for ny..in Xbox one
TheMarker2015 L.S (21 days ago)
LMAO all the PC gamers going wild
Yngwie Estorco (23 days ago)
Any ideas if Kingdom Under Fire will be on Xbox again?
Dylan Dominoski (23 days ago)
Where the fuck is skyrim?
Alex Pharaoh420 (23 days ago)
Fortnite needs to be added to this list
MetalWingedWolf (27 days ago)
Hilarious that the comment section is unaware of why/how this list was made and has to ask/complain about the absence of their particular flavor of game. The reason anything is absent from this list is because (at the time of this videos creation) the combined review scores (from wherever they got their numbers) ranked every other Xbox one title below these 25 titles. Whether your reviews got trolled by haters or misrepresented by the sources, THAT, is why it’s not here. It’s just literally not ranked high enough, sucks, but you shouldn’t care.
MetalWingedWolf (27 days ago)
Deciphering that accent to figure out what the words are meant to mean. Needs a localization review.
Lauri Wong (28 days ago)
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The C0ol Guys (28 days ago)
The C0ol Guys (28 days ago)
I like forza 5 better than 6...
jacktsang05 (29 days ago)
where is Sleeping Dogs?
averagevideos (30 days ago)
Wheres mkx
Armine Hovsepian (1 month ago)
gears of war 4
RedArrow_Colton (1 month ago)
What I thought might be on this list: Sunset Overdrive Just Cause 3 Advanced Warfare I think Forza Horizon 3 should have actually been ranked.
DANDP life (1 month ago)
We're are the Tom clancys
Mike (1 month ago)
The Witcher 3 is my favorite game so far, even enjoyed it more than Gta 5 I think.
Brock Lesnar (1 month ago)
I can't believe gears of war and halo are not in the list
Rc Lover (1 month ago)
Bull****, this list is trash, and I dont even have an xbox
gamerman 629 (1 month ago)
How is inside higher than Overwatch
gamerman 629 (1 month ago)
Why Motorsport 6 but not 7
Cycorax (1 month ago)
Mohammed Hanif (1 month ago)
Where the hell is Gears 4, Halo 5, and inside? This list sucks. No Witcher 3.
federico lesmes (1 month ago)
Battlefield 1 anybody? Gears of War or Halo? There are many great games that should have been added
BigDad138 (1 month ago)
Ummmm what??? Where the fuck is Skyrim?
Where the heck is halo
ةةة ةةو (2 months ago)
MIKSA GAMER (2 months ago)
Where fortinite
Nightbot (2 months ago)
Dying Light (2 months ago)
far cry primal i assasins creed origins?
Max Kearney (2 months ago)
Number 21 looks like assassins creed black flag a little bit
DrGoldsylver (2 months ago)
25 is very reducing, there is so much more games to be added, no fps at all, destiny, r6 siege & cod, games that got the most hardcore fans community. I played none of these games they show, and certainely won’t. Should I consider Myself only playing shitty games? I don’t think so.
Lazar Ginic (2 months ago)
Both consoles are good.Why ppl BSing in comments lol
John Alex (2 months ago)
lol witcher 9 😴
Grey Ninja (2 months ago)
Mans not hot
lolgamer 5133 (2 months ago)
I have rocket league
lolgamer 5133 (2 months ago)
Were is gears of war 4
MrMoose (2 months ago)
Mr4luc4rd (2 months ago)
Few good games and lots of bullshit
David Retter (2 months ago)
Where is the tom clancys rainbow 6 siege
LiamMMEVidsKids99 99 (2 months ago)
LiamMMEVidsKids99 99 (2 months ago)
James TwentySeven (2 months ago)
From these 25 games, only 3 are not on PS4 and one of them (Fallout 4) is better on Xbox one. Lets see XboX one stepping up their game with more exclusives!
Stratilex (2 months ago)
And nobody plays Halo? Also I’m watching this because my friends like fps games like COD and BF1, and GTA. I’m a Nintendo guy, so I don’t really care for games like this.
soleil blanc (3 months ago)
where is fifa
nicolas piutrin (3 months ago)
Gears of war?
A. B (3 months ago)
Gears of war 4 ?
standardajr09 (3 months ago)
Halo...? Bo3...?
John Doe (3 months ago)
Laira Croft? No...
metalklown (3 months ago)
Wee Lee1888 (3 months ago)
Where’s Skyrim at
Wee Lee1888 (3 months ago)
I play Xbox cause my brothers play Xbox
Leen Khatib (3 months ago)
My top 5 xbox games: 1. GTA 5 2. Rainbow six siege 3. Overwatch 4. Mortal Kombat X 5. Titanfall 2
Multiplatform Gamer (3 months ago)
ughhh well i might sell my xbox one..... even my nintendo switch has better games overall. and with the money of my xb1 i'll get the base ps4 to play the delicious exclusive games that the one lacks not a sony/nintendo fanboy. just a guy who realises he made a mistake by purchasing an xbox one, like i said even my nintendo switch has a better line up
rageelixirfan (3 months ago)
why don't you put god of war series
Scipio Maurer (3 months ago)
I have two games I want to play especially Madden and NBA 2K nothing against just don't like sports sports 31 years old are still rather go outside and play it most time I will play but I'm also glad you put some of the other title before then on there
Youngmer (3 months ago)
gta gta gta V
anonymous (3 months ago)
what the hell o feel like some of these dont even deserve to be on the list where is destiny 2 ?, halo. I don't get this playscore rating , what are they ranking it based on?
Benn W (3 months ago)
Gta v was made in 2013 not 2014
The bearded gamer (3 months ago)
Benn W that's just when it was ported to the Xbox one, not when the game was made
Benn W (3 months ago)
The bearded gamer look at the subtitle
The bearded gamer (3 months ago)
Benn W they tell you it was released in 2013
Shade Uchiha (4 months ago)
I don't get this list. Best Xbox games (lists mostly console fluid games)
black insignia (4 months ago)
Arkham city? Arkham knight? Arkham asylum?
SpunkyRO ! (4 months ago)
Where's roblox...?
Antonia Paterno (4 months ago)
why are people say pc is better or xbox is or ps4 is it doesn't matter just watch the video if it talk about a console or something else then leave the video and don't complain just leave it why be salty
Underrated Galaxy (4 months ago)
mortal Kombat xl juest bertal
Flames UK (4 months ago)
Fuck off if you think NBA and Fallout 4 Are better than The Witcher 3 and MGS V.Also, no mention of Skyrim are you shitting me?
DANDP life (4 months ago)
Your the best games channel
Linawati Sudianto (4 months ago)
Lighter Alex (4 months ago)
And Quantum Break??
Mine Turtle (4 months ago)
There is no way in hell overwatch beats dark souls III
Quinn Conabree (3 months ago)
Draigonata _ yeah
Draigonata _ (3 months ago)
Quinn Conabree No it doesn't
Quinn Conabree (4 months ago)
Mine Turtle yeah.it does
MaddenWillNeverWork (4 months ago)
OMG how she says Kojima's name at 10:00!
Alex Damon (4 months ago)
Where's Skyrim?
Pay (5 months ago)
Tbh minecraft should have been higher And halo?
pale juggler7017 (5 months ago)
Fuck gta I like cuphead better
I'm bored (4 months ago)
pale juggler7017 z Why the hell would you compare GTA and Cuphead...?
WHY IS MINECRAFT ON THIS!? I call it "minecrap"
Draigonata _ (3 months ago)
Flames UK .....hahahahahahahaha are you mad Fallout 4 is shit compared to NV and 3...but minecraft is so repetitive and boring
Flames UK (4 months ago)
JoweeMan_TIB (The TIB's Bro) it's better than that piece of shite they call Fallout 4
Jeremy Rayburn (5 months ago)
All of these games are gay
Impassive Tomb (5 months ago)
I don't know if its been released yet but, WHERE IN THE ABSOLUTE HELL IS KINGDOM HEARTS 3??!!
Impassive Tomb (3 months ago)
Actually by now it should be. You responded kind of late. :P
Grassy Is Near (3 months ago)
Impassive Tomb That’s not out yet 🙄
Occy (5 months ago)
Oh god I was exited for what would take the last spot so many other games I'm sorry but I like gta but I didn't think it was better than some of the other ones
Occy (5 months ago)
Also where was skyrim
NeXus x Krazy (5 months ago)
Master Chief collection playscore?
NeXus x Krazy (5 months ago)
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection does not have enough reviews to receive an official PlayScore. With its little ratings, it receives a Provisional PlayScore of *8.73*
GTA5 over witcher 3 big mistake
Coty Ezell (6 months ago)
Redo it. Redo it right fucking now. Not only did you mispronounce every god damn thing in this video, but the list makes no sense. What if I threw shit at you and said here's a list. Do you want your name on this? Also, tone it down. There was moments of excitement that were unexpected. I could only assume someone was with you while recording cause i don't know what the hell you were happy about.
Pawlooo o (5 months ago)
James Knowlen (6 months ago)
NBA 2k series is getting worse by the year
Codenamebravo (6 months ago)
Who the fuck rates these games? Basketball got 9.35 and Forza got 9.33... I've been a gamer for years and years I wouldn't have given anything over 8.5 for any of them, the gaming industry is bollox run by old farts who have no idea about games and charge way too much for them.
André Solórzano (6 months ago)
Where is FIFA? That game is way better than Madden and 2k both games together. If you are not agree is beacause you are peasant.
Skye The Geek Hufflepuff (6 months ago)
André Solórzano Nobody cares about Micro-Transaction Fuelled Sport Games
John Smith (6 months ago)
I just realized why a majority of these games are so boring to me. They're sequels. Just like most of the movies made recently, that are just made-for-money un-artistic ways to kill an hour and a half. Most of these titles are REALLY familiar. When's the next truly great NEW game going to come out?
Buy Villa Spain (6 months ago)
Wheres Skyrim or Call of duty?
Toby Thurlow White (6 months ago)
Wow. The only reason I have an Xbox rather that Playstation is because of Halo.
dolbom (6 months ago)
wtf where is gears 4, watch dogs 2, rainbow six siege??
طريق الايمان (6 months ago)
I actually really enjoyed all of those games. There are many beautiful games also Latest Games https://www.g2a.com/r/g2a-latest-game
Paul Pope (6 months ago)
Can you just pronounce "pivot" again for me 😂😂😂😂
Aidan Bennetts (6 months ago)
What about dying light!?!?!? RIP
whatoplay (6 months ago)
Dying Light has a PlayScore of *8.21*
ZMan1471 (6 months ago)
The only worthwhile game is doom, which you can get on other consoles anyway...save your dough and go out w/friends instead
Minecraft should be on the list
Ruben VS (2 months ago)
N3Knowledge (3 months ago)
Cosmos you retarded idiot...
Toby Thurlow White (6 months ago)
Are you fucking serious? Go back and watch the video
Xavier Bergin (7 months ago)
i have doblo
Ed Gilbert (7 months ago)
Lol console peasants getting triggered in the comment section 😂
the loose goose (7 months ago)
This list has a play score of 100.00

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